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Letter from Charlotte Cushman to James Fields, [1860]

CC to JF, 1860.pdf
Cushman is addressing the current political situation in the USA. Apparently, Fields wants to borrow some money from Cushman who may find herself "in the same boat" with the Fields at the end of the month. Credit Huntington Library, James Thomas…

Charlotte Cushman to [William H. Seward], Tuesday, July 09, 1861 (West Point appointment)

Cushman addresses Seward as a friend and confidant of President Lincoln. She asks for Seward's support in a matter of admission to West Point Military Academy for Lewis S. Chase. Additionally, she informs Seward about Mr Cameron possibly conspiring…

Letter from Charlotte Cushman to Emma Crow, March 13, 1862

CCP Box 2 Letters 1862 March.pdf
Charlotte Cushman calls Emma Crow Cushman her "daughter." Cushman laments the dishonesty and greed in the times of the Civil War. She was relieved to hear from Ned and Emma and is now longing to return to "America."Ned and Emma may have to move in…

Letter from Charlotte Cushman to the Fields Family, July 25, 1862

CC to AF and JF, 1862-06-25.pdf
Charlotte Cushman writes to the Fields about the books they've sent them, the aftermath of Emma Crow Cushman's miscarriage, and the current issues she is dealing with regarding family and house. Cushman's children will be leaving for St.…

Letter from Charlotte Cushman to Emma Crow Cushman, Dec 5-6, 1862

CCP 2, 496-500, CC to ECC Dec 5-6 1862.pdf
As Emma Crow Cushman is married and busy decorating and furnishing her house, Charlotte Cushman thinks nostalgically of more frequent and longer "old time letters." Repeatedly, Charlotte mentions that Emma's husband, and Charlotte's nephew and…

Letter from Anne Brewster to Mary Howell, June 27-29, 1863

ABP 27 8 Letters to Howell. 27-29 June 1863.pdf
Anne Brewster remembers her days in Naples. She advises Mary Howell to go with Charlotte Cushman to Rome, a trip for which Cushman will apparently pay. Brewster calls Cushman "immortal." Brewster assures Howell that "you are different from her other…

Sanitary Commission Performance, Sept 12, 1863

The Library Company of Philadelphia collects the following original wording from a document that advertises Cushman's performance. The document was found in a scrapbook:"Academy of Music. Benefit of the United States Sanitary Commission on Saturday…

Excerpts from Fanny Seward's Diary, 1863-1864, Cushman mentions

Fanny Seward writes about meeting Charlotte Cushman and Emma Crow Cushman. Fanny is very fond of Charlotte who gives her a ring, books, and many insights into the world of the theater. Several theater managers try to convince Cushman to play for them…

Letter from Charlotte Cushman to Mr. Danop, Oct 16, 1863

NYPL Misc Papers MssCol 9069 Cushman letters misc Oct 16, 1863.pdf
Cushman verifies Oct 27 as the date for her charity performance. She has prepared the roles of Lady Macbeth and Meg Merrilees. Credit New York Public Library

Letter from Frederick William Seward to Frances Miller Seward, Oct 18, 1863

Cushman is touring for the Sanitary Commission, Emma Crow Cushman is accompanying her. Credit Seward Family Digital Archive

"Grace Greenwood," Philadelphia Inquirer, Nov 24, 1863

1863. Philadelphia Inquirer. GG as Lecturer. Omeka.pdf
Grace Greenwood's work as a lecturer is praised. Credit Readex: America's Historical Newspapers


Cobbe's Italics: Brief Notes on Politics, People and Places in Italy (1864)

Cobbe_Italics. Brief notes on politics, people, and places in Italy, in 1864 excerpt1.pdf
Among others, the text mentions Hosmer and Cushman. Cobbe describes the Cushman household as a "women club." Credit Hathi Trust

Letter from Charlotte Cushman to Emma Crow Cushman, Jan 22, 1864

CCP Box 2 1864 Jan 22.pdf
Charlotte calls herself a "Mum" and Emma her "daughter" in this letter. She is criticizing Longfellow and critiquing the January issue of the Atlantic. Among other issues, Cushman is discussing "war" and "peace" democrats, the administration, Harriet…

"Personal," Lowell Daily Citizen and News, March 26 1864

1864. GG as Lecturer in Army, Omeka.pdf
A report stating that Greenwood visited the Potomac army and is due to give four lectures to "large audiences". Credit Readex: America's Historical Newspapers


"Our Sanitary Fair in Rome," The Methodist, Apr 2, 1864

1864. Methodist. Solidarity Fair in Rome - Cushman.pdf
The preparations of the Sanitary Commission are highlighted. The article praises American artists in Rome, among who Cushman and Stebbins can be found, that contribute to raising money in a patriotic manner. The article names Emma Stebbins and…

"Military Appointment Politics," Trenton State Gazette, Apr 18, 1864

1864. President attends GG lecture. Omeka.pdf
The president is announced to attend one of Greenwood's lecture. Credit Readex: America's Historical Newspapers


Record of the Metropolitan Fair in Aid of the United States Sanitary Commission Held at New York in April 1864

1864. Metropolitan Fair US Sanitary Commission excerpt. Omeka.pdf
The excerpt praises Cushman's performance of "Macbeth" together with Edwin Booth retrospectively""It was perhaps the most memorable of all the public performances given to the Sanitary Commission."The record ispublished in 1867, three years after the…

Greenwood Lecture, National Anti-Slavery Standard, May 7, 1864

1864. GG lecture quote. Omeka.pdf
This small paragraph defends Greenwood as a lecturer who, apparently, has been criticized for talking about politics. Credit Readex: America's Historical Newspapers


Charlotte Cushman and the Sanitary Commission, The New York Times, August 13, 1864

The article praises Charlotte Cushman for her donations to the Sanitary Commision. The article presents Cushman as a great actress, genius, and patriot.

Letter from Charlotte Cushman to James Thomas Fields, Dec 31, 1864

Letter from CC to JT, December 31, 1864
Charlotte Cushman describes Anne Brewster as "an old dear friend of younger days." Stebbins cannot pay the exchange for the casting and transport of her statue. Cushman asks James to interfere on Stebbins' behalf and talk to Dr. Howe. Additionally,…