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Anne Brewster's "Miss Cushman," Blackwood's Edinburgh Magazine, Aug 1878

1878. August. Blackwoods Magazine. Brewster about CC Omeka.pdf
Anne Brewster describes the relationship between herself and Charlotte Cushman starting at the beginning of the 1840s as an "intimacy" and "intimate friendship". Together they were reading plays and preparing for Charlotte's performances on stage.…

"American Artists in Rome," Boston Daily Evening Transcript, July 3, 1869

1869. Boston Daily Evening Transcript. American Artists in Rome.pdf
The reprint from the Philadelphia Bulletin gives insights into the expatriate community of American artists living and working in Rome. It relies on Brewster's own observations and hearsay. Credit

"Angelic American Females Radiating at Rome," Daily Journal of Commerce, June 1, 1871

1871. Daily Journal of Commerce. Females at Rome.pdf
The article recounts a studio reception of the artist Healy from Brewster's perspective. Credit

"Roman Scandal," Chicago Tribune, March 3, 1877

1877. Chicago Tribune. Roman Scandal. European Gossip.pdf
The reprint from the New York World recounts a wedding scandal of the rich Marchese Lezzani family. The incident has been widely discussed among affluent members of the Roman society. Credit

European Gossip, Clay Center Dispatch, Mar 29, 1877

1877. Gossip Notes.pdf
Among gossip notes, a passage from the New York World note by Brewster about a wedding of the American Countess von Linden can be found. Credit

"The Carnival at Rome," St. Louis Globe-Democrat, March 8, 1877

1877. St. Louis Globe-Democrat. Carnival at Rome.pdf
The article is reprinted from the New York World. Anne Brewster captures the atmosphere of a Roman carnival in general. However, the "Corso display has been rather poor this year." Brewster ends on a note about private balls and the gowns and jewelry…

"Letter from Rome," Philadelphia Evening Bulletin, Sept 9, 1870

ABP 21 8 Press Clippings.pdf
Brewster writes about the political struggles for unification. Her account is based on her own experience and hearsay. She distinguishes true and fake accounts and traces the political negotiations with the Vatican. Credit The Library Company of…

"Letter from Rome," Boston Daily Advertiser, April 29, 1871

Brewster, Anne. Letter from Rome. Boston Daily Advertiser, 29 Apr. 1871. - cf. Item 257, but too early.pdf
Brewster appears as the "regular correspondent" from the Boston Daily Advertiser contributing one of her letters from Rome. The article lists members of the deputation, describes architectural sites in Rome, gives an account of archeological…

Anne Brewster about Spinsterhood and Privacy, Diary Entry Excerpts (1876)

ABP Box 4 5, diary 1876. Joys of Spinsterhood and Privacy.pdf
Brewster describes herself as a solitary old woman and spinster, "in love with my solitary life."By stating that "[i]t will be a hard winter in Rome especially for American astists, for there are no forestieri coming," Brewster assesses the economic…

Letter from Anne Brewster to Mary Howell, June 27-29, 1863

ABP 27 8 Letters to Howell. 27-29 June 1863.pdf
Anne Brewster remembers her days in Naples. She advises Mary Howell to go with Charlotte Cushman to Rome, a trip for which Cushman will apparently pay. Brewster calls Cushman "immortal." Brewster assures Howell that "you are different from her other…

"American Artists in Rome," Lippincott's Monthly Magazine, Feb 1869

1869. Lippincott. American Artists in Rome.pdf
The article starts with a graphic description of the Piazza di Spagna in a first-person plural narrative. It further includes passages on pieces of art in the studios that Brewster visited, buyers of portraits, reasons for purchases, the historical…

Letter from Anne Brewster to [Mary Agnes] Tincker, July 16, 1879

ABP 1 2 AB to Tincker. Threats, Truth. 1879..pdf
Anne Brewster advises Mary Agnes Tincker who will publish By the Tiber in 1881, a novel which includes references to Brewster and her circle in Rome, to stick to the truth whenever Tincker refers to something that has been talked about by the two…

Letter from Anne Brewster to Mary Howell, Dec 4, 1864

ABP 27 10 Letter to Howell, Dec 4, 1864. Omeka.pdf
Anne Brewster comments on her social duties: "I love a little society just a little, but if that society demand too much of me I must give it up for I can only receive & take so much."Brewster mentions her correspondence with Charlotte Cushman.…

"Housekeeping in Rome," Charleston Daily News, Dec 25, 1869

1869. Charleston News. Housekeeping in Rome. Omeka.pdf
Originally published in the Philadelphia Bulletin, Brewster writes about how to live comfortably in Rome, differentiating between more and less affluent people. The article gives a graphic "short sketch of life in Rome" and reads like a guide to an…

"Rome," Boston Daily Advertiser, 1870 to 1876

Brewster on Rome 1871.pdf
"Rome" is a column in the Boston Daily Advertiser written by Anne Brewster, in which she gives accounts of any political, cultural, or social news that have occurred in Rome.The included file only serves as an example illustration of the…

"She Wears a Peruke," Hartford Daily Courant, Jan 26, 1877

1877. Hartford Faily Courant. Brewster Column (1).pdf
Brewster reports on her sighting of Eugénie of France at the Vatican. She recounts her shock at the appearance of the Empress, as Brewster had previously known her for her "rare beauty." Especially her peruke aroused outrage among the…

Letter from Elizabeth Barrett Browning to her sister Arabel, Oct 22, 1852

NYPL Berg Coll E.B.B to sister 1852, oct. CC + Hayes.pdf
Browning describes Cushman and Hays's relationship as a "female marriage." Credit New York Public Librarysee also: The Brownings Correspondence by Wedgestone Press

Letter from Elizabeth Browning to Robert Browning, [Oct 21, 1852]

Elizabeth Browning tells Robert of her Paris experience, recounting an encounter with Louis Napoleon together with Cushman. Elizabeth Browning also mentions that Cushman "is on her way to Rome with her friend Miss Hayes who translated George Sand,—so…

Letter from Elizabeth Barrett Browning to Isa Blagden, Jan 5-9, 1860

Elizabeth Browning tells Isa Blagden that she "will offend Miss Cushman" if she does not visit the actress in Rome. Credit Armstrong Browning Library - The Browning Letters