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"A Friend in Need," Missouri Republican, April 20, 1873

1873. Missouri Republican. Friend in Need.pdf
An anonymous author remembers reading Greenwood's "Book of Sketches" on a trip and praises her more recent letters written in California for the New York Times. Credit

"A Gallant Army of Famous Spinsters," Daily Picayne, June 2, 1895

1895. Daily Picayne. Gallant Army of Famous Spinsters - Hosmer - Cushman.Pdf
The article strives for a change of labels used for unmarried, successful women. They have been called 'old maids' but the authors makes a case for the term "women bachelors." Harriet Hosmer is mentioned as a prominent example and Charlotte Cushman…

"All the Books," Godey's Lady's Book, [Oct] 1892 to Feb 1894

All the Books.pdf
"All the Books" is a column in Godey's Lady's Book in which American author and journalist John Habberton recounts his newest book recommendations, complete with summaries, information about the authors, and short critiques. His recommendations cover…

"Character Entertainment at Music Hall," Boston Globe, Feb 25, 1875

1875. Boston Globe. Entertainment.pdf
The article reviews Grace Greenwood's and Sarah Fisher Ames's performance at the Boston Music Hall. It stresses that "[i]n reading pieces of delicate humor, she [Greenwood] certainly excels most if not all the professional readers of her…

"Charlotte Cushman at Rome," Milwaukee Daily Sentinel, March 9, 1876

1876. Milwaukee Daily Sentinel. Cushman - Rome - Virgins.pdf
The article is a reprint from the Boston Sunday Courier. The author J.S.H. recounts the time he spent in Rome in 1852-1853. Harriet Hosmer, Grace Greenwood, and Charlotte Cushman were part of a group of five that were known as "the five wise…

"Charlotte Cushman's First Appearance in England," Harper's Bazaar, March 18, 1876

1876. Harpers Bazar. Cushman in England..pdf
James H. Siddons gives a very intimate account of Charlotte Cushman's rise to success in England and describes her struggles and strategies, including a press network and behind-the-scenes accounts. Maddox is characterized as a capitalist,…

"CHARLOTTE CUSHMAN", New York Weekly, Dec 20, 1860

1860. Sarah Gould poem to Charlotte Cushman.pdf
A poem dedicated to Charlotte Cushman. Credit EBSCO Research Databases

"Editorial," Godey's Lady's Book, Feb 1894 to July 1894

"Editorial" is a column in Godey's Lady's Book that comments on all kinds of issues such as class, politics, gender norms, philosophy, or social events.The included file only serves as an example illustration of the column. Credit HathiTrust…

"Editors' Table," Godey's Lady's Book, Jan 1840 to Dec 1877

Editor's Table 1.pdf
"Editor's Table" is a column in Godey's Lady's Book that covers a vast variety of topics, often relating to women's issues in some way. Recurring topics include book recommendations and literary reviews, short biographies of public figures and…

"Fair Women," Godey's Lady's Book, Dec 1894 to May 1895

Fair Women.pdf
"Fair Women" is a column in Godey's Lady's Books that features some of society's most remarkable women who wield beauty, charm, and intellect. It recounts powerful female historical figures such as Cleopatra and Mary Queen of Scots and comments on…

"Famous Old Maids," Morning Oregonian, July 19, 1895

1895. Morning Oregonian. Famous Old Maids - Hosmer - Cushman.Pdf
The same text as in The Daily Picayne, June 2, 1895, with a different heading. Credit 19th Century U.S. Newspapers

"First Impressions of Cushman's Romeo", People's Journal, Vol 2, July 18, 1846

1846. People's Journal vol. 2. Romeo Review.pdf
This is a review of Charlotte Cushman's performance as Romeo at the Haymarket Theatre in London. The article praises her performance and compares it to that of William Macready. However, her fine qualities as actress are also deemed by the article as…

"Godey's Arm-Chair," Godey's Lady's Book, May 1852 to [June] 1892

Godey's Arm-Chair (1).pdf
"Godey's Arm-Chair", later known as "Our Arm Chair", is a column in Godey's Lady's Book that covers a variety of topics, ranging from literary reviews to local news to lifestyle advice. The column is superseded by "The Search Light" in October…

"Grace Greenwood," Carbondale Leader, Feb 28, 1874

1874. Carbondale Daily News. GG Reunion Readings.pdf
The article is a reprint from the Washington Press. It mentions Greenwood's talent as a dramatic reader and her genius as a writer. Adhering to gender norms, the author stresses Greenwood's beauty and comments that "[i]t is so rare that beauty and…

"Grace Greenwood," Waukesha Daily Freeman, July 13, 1882

1882. Waukesha Daily Freeman. GG Bio.pdf
Sarah K. Bolton writes a favorable biographical account of Grace Greenwood. Bolton introduces the article by characterizing her relationship to Greenwood from admiration from a distance to affection as long-term acquaintences.The author states that…

"Grace Greenwood's Letter," Emancipator & Republican, Oct 10, 1850

1850. Emancipator & Republican. Review of CC by Grace Greenwood.pdf
After attending a performance in Boston, Grace Greenwood praises Charlotte Cushman as a gifted actress and "wonderful woman." The original source is the Era. Credit 19th Century U.S. Newspapers

"Harriet Hosmer – Charlotte Cushman," Coleman's Rural World, Aug 15, 1868

1868. Colman's Rural World. Cushman and Hosmer - Chicagoan reference Omeka.pdf
An admirer describes Hosmer's studio and her works as well as Charlotte Cushman's home as a location of frequent gatherings.
The article is followed by a poem from Eliza Cook about how to "make your home beautiful."

"Harriet Hosmer and Charlotte Cushman at Rome," Chicago Tribune, March 8, 1868

1868. Chicago Tribune. Hosmer and Cushman in Rome..pdf
It is the same text as in the Daily Ohio Statesman (March 15). The Boston Post is given as the source here as well.

"Haymarket Theatre", Caledonian Mercury, Jan 5, 1846

1846. Caledonian Mercury. Romeo Performance.pdf
This article reviews the performances of Charlotte Cushman and her sister Susan Cushman in a production of Romeo and Juliet at the Haymarket Theatre in London. It discusses how their performances provided a unique, passionate interpretation of the…

"IMPROMPTU. TO CHARLOTTE CUSHMAN", Eliza Cook's Journal, July 30, 1853

1853. Eliza Cook Journal. Business Habits for Women.pdf
This is a poem in Eliza Cook's journal written by her and dedicated to Charlotte Cushman. Credit Gale Digital Collections, Nineteenth Century Collections Online