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Letter from Geraldine Jewsbury to Emma Stebbins, Feb 6, 1877

CCP Box 11 Jewsbury, Geraldine to Stebbins, Emma. Feb 1877. 3462-3471.pdf
While working on the memoir of Charlotte Cushman, Emma Stebbins has made a request to Jewsbury, asking for her letters from 30 years ago. Although there are no 'secrets' in those letters, Jewsbury seems reluctant to hand them to Stebbins. The…

Transcripts of Letters from Emma Stebbins to Sidney Lanier, July 27 + Sept 4, 1876

JLP 2 Stebbins to Lanier, July 27, 1876.pdf
Emma Stebbins asked the publisher Mr. Osgood for time to work on the biography since she is suffering from health issues. She mentions Emma Cushman's "voluminous correspondence" with Charlotte Cushman and how personal letters require "careful…