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Grace Greenwood in Response to New England Festival, undated

NYPL Misc. Personal Name Files, D-Z. MssCol 2016.Unknown. Personal..pdf
Greenwood emphasizes the role of New England women in US history. Among others, she mentions, Stowe, Cushman, and Hosmer as examples of especially noteworthy New England women. Credit New York Public Library

Criticism of Cushman's Performance as Romeo, May 29, 1847

1847. Fletcher_ Studies of Shakespeare.pdf
Article or chapter that is dismissive of the Cushman sisters performing Romeo and Juliet; The article describes the 1845 performance as "disgustingly monstrous grossness of such a perversion" by the "transatlantic sisters." Without mentioning their…

Accounts of Charlotte Cushman's Life, Notes by Stebbins

CCP 15. 3990-4000. Account of CCs Life.pdf
This document is a collection of different quotes given by Charlotte Cushman before her death. It is supposedly written by Emma Stebbins and ranges from family history, childhood experiences, financial struggles, to early career ambitions and…

Letter from Mary Devlin Booth to Emma Crow Cushman, Nov 10[?], 1862

Mary Devlin Booth writes an affectionate letter to her friend Emma Cushman. She mentions a yearning for Emma which she has "never experienced before" (page 2): "I know if your husband saw this he would call this silly & me along with it: for he…

Emma Crow Cushman's Memoir about Charlotte Cushman: "A Memory" (1918)

CCP 15, 4019-4036 (ECC Memoir).pdf
Emma Crow Cushman emphasizes that she knew Charlotte Cushman "intimately." Emma and Charlotte met in 1858 when Charlotte brought two letters of introduction (by Hosmer and Kemble) to her father in St. Louis. Emma describes her as a "great artist and…

Letter from William Henry Seward to Frederick William Seward, September 16, 1868

Cushman writes a "manly" letter expressing "feminine" appreciation. Credit Seward Family Digital Archive

Athenaeum, Cushman Mentions, Jan-June 1845 (Vol. 1)

1845. Athenaeum v.1 - Omeka.pdf
Excerpts from the Athenaeum issues from the first half of 1845, which mention Charlotte Cushman;The passage praise Cushman as a versatile genius on stage despite at times gender-bending practices. The first volume of 1845 shows how the British press…

Petition "To the Laws of Property as They Affect Women," Feb 16, 1856

Carlyle, Cushman, Hays, Browning, and Jewsbury signed the petition Credit The Carlyle Letters Online/CLO

Letter from Charlotte Cushman to Helen Hunt Jackson, June 7, 1870

Emma Stebbins suffers from problems with her eyes. Emma Stebbins, Emma Crow Cushman, and Charlotte Cushman are in Paris.For transcripts, please visit Colorado College.

Letter from Charlotte Cushman to Helen Hunt Jackson, Jan 10, 1870

Charlotte Cushman criticizes the "looseness" of New York's divorce law and concept of marriage.Helen Hunt is going back to the US and leaves England. Charlotte shares her thoughts on feeling homesick. Emma Stebbins is with Cushman but not in good…