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Letter from Charlotte Cushman to King, n.d.

Harvard MS Thr 130. CC to King about article.pdf
Cushman mocks the gendered criticism of her figure and riding skills. Credit Houghton Library

"Editors' Table," Godey's Lady's Book, Jan 1840 to Dec 1877

Editor's Table 1.pdf
"Editor's Table" is a column in Godey's Lady's Book that covers a vast variety of topics, often relating to women's issues in some way. Recurring topics include book recommendations and literary reviews, short biographies of public figures and…

Athenaeum, Cushman Mentions, Jan-June 1845 (Vol. 1)

1845. Athenaeum v.1 - Omeka.pdf
Excerpts from the Athenaeum issues from the first half of 1845, which mention Charlotte Cushman;The passage praise Cushman as a versatile genius on stage despite at times gender-bending practices. The first volume of 1845 shows how the British press…

Letter from Charlotte Cushman to George Combe, Nov 21, 1845

NLS, ms7275, 28, Charlotte Cushman to George Combe, Nov 21, 1845.pdf
Cushman presents herself as shocked and surprised at the "gross motive [that] might be attributed" to her performance of Romeo on stage together with her sister Susan: "your hints have only plunged me into trouble — for I find the subject, in a new…

Romeo and Juliet Performance, Haymarket Theatre, London, Dec 30, 1845

Charlotte Cushman performs as Romeo and her sister takes over the role of Juliet.Cushman's performance as Romeo is generally met with wild enthusiasm. There were, however, also critical voices, among them Mary Russell Mitford (1787-1855). Mitford was…

"The Theatres", Era, Jan 4, 1846

1846. The Era. Romeo Performance.pdf
This is a long, detailed review of Charlotte and Susan Cushman's performance of Romeo and Julietat the Haymarket Theatre in London. The review contains high praise of Charlotte Cushman and her talents as an actress and the Cushman sisters' appearance…

"Theatre Royal", Freeman's Journal, Mar 17, 1846

1846. Freemans Journal. Masculine Features.pdf
This article reviews Charlotte Cushman's performance as Lady Macbeth. She is praised for her powerful interpretation of the character compared to the rather "feminine" portrayals from other contemporary actresses. However, the article states that…

Howitt's The Miss Cushmans (1846)

1846. People's Journal. NYPL Stead Article. Howitt about Cushmans.pdf
In this biographical article, Mary Howitt recounts events from Charlotte Cushman's life and emphasizes her personal virtues, her talent on stage and the struggles she faced in her career. She describes Cushman's long and painful struggle to success,…

Wemyss's Twenty-Six Years of the Life of an Actor and Manager (1847)

Wemyss (1847)_Twenty-six years of the life of an actor and manager - Omeka excerpt.pdf
Francis Courtney Wemyss is an actor and theater manager. The entry for Cushman envisions her as a business woman that cleverly paved her way to success by acquiring knowledge about the profession of an actress and the respective people involved in…

Criticism of Cushman's Performance as Romeo, May 29, 1847

1847. Fletcher_ Studies of Shakespeare.pdf
Article or chapter that is dismissive of the Cushman sisters performing Romeo and Juliet; The article describes the 1845 performance as "disgustingly monstrous grossness of such a perversion" by the "transatlantic sisters." Without mentioning their…

Letter from Grace Greenwood to James Fields, Apr 22, 1850

Huntington, JTFP, Box 40, FI 1753, SJL to JF, Apr 22, 1850.pdf
Greenwood states that Fields remains the same individual in her eyes, even if he is a married man.She asks him to write Willis regarding the portrait, which should no longer be delayed, and informs him that she will send the first proofs by express…

Letter from Grace Greenwood to James Fields, Oct 9, 1850

Huntington, JTFP, Box 40, FI 1771, SJL to JF, Oct 9, 1850.pdf
Greenwood and Anna Phillips want to attend Jenny Lind's concert. She asks Fields whether he knows of any acquaintances who would accompany them and whether he could purchase the tickets for them. Credit Huntington Library, James Thomas Fields…

"Greenwood Leaves," National Era, Dec 19, 1850

1850. National Era. Greenwood Leaves.pdf
The National Era prints a review about the poems in Greenwood Leaves. The critic prefers the poems over the articles. The critic particularly praises her descriptive skills. Credit

"Miss Charlotte Cushman," Gleason's Pictorial Drawing Room Companion [1851]

1851. Gleasons Pictorial Drawing Room Companion - taken from NYPL T. Walsh Coll. CC Misc.pdf
The article traces Cushman's rise to success in Euope, mentioning her tours with Macready and the social circle she has formed: "In private life, she has won many warm and influential friends. Among the British aristocracy, her purity of diction and…

"Fashions," Godey's Lady's Book, Jan 1851 to Sep 1892

"Fashions" is a column in Godey's Lady's Book that offers fashion advice for young girls and women alike, and recounts the latest trends, which are often exemplified by detailed illustrations. This column precedes the column "Godey's Fashions";…

Daniel Holmes's Journal History of a Young Lady (1848-1851)

Mss .S477 .a diary entry on CC long. Omeka.pdf
The following information is provided by the Boston Athenaeum:"Journal describing his life as a merchant in New Orleans, and his young family, particularly the development of his first daughter, Georgine, and the birth, illness, and death of his…

"MISS CUSHMAN IN MALE ATTIRE", Illustrated American News, Aug 9, 1851.

1851. Illustrated American News. Cushman in Male Attire.pdf
This article reports on Charlotte Cushman donning a male attire and going about her daily activities during her vacation at the Saut, in Ste Marie Hotel. It also states her decision to wear men's clothing for the rest of her life. Credit EBSCO…

"California", Jackson's Oxford Journal, Aug 30, 1851

1851. Jacksons Oxford Journal. Rumor Male Attire.pdf
This is a short entry under news from America reports on the rumours that Charlotte Cushman has "adopted male attire" permanently. Credit The British Library Newspapers,Gale Digital Collections

"Letters from the Capital," by Grace Greenwood, National Era, 1852

1852. National Era. Greenwood about CC.pdf
Grace Greenwood offers a glowing review of Cushman's performances in Washington, D.C. (as Romeo and Rosalind respectively) that stresses the sexual undertones of her audience's attraction to the actress (e.g. "She compells your half-bewildered…

"Godey's Arm-Chair," Godey's Lady's Book, May 1852 to [June] 1892

Godey's Arm-Chair (1).pdf
"Godey's Arm-Chair", later known as "Our Arm Chair", is a column in Godey's Lady's Book that covers a variety of topics, ranging from literary reviews to local news to lifestyle advice. The column is superseded by "The Search Light" in October…