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Greenwood's Haps and Mishaps of a Tour in Europe (1854)

Grace Greenwood_Haps and Mishaps of a Tour in Europe (1854) - no CC mentions.pdf
Greenwood gives a detailed account of her journey through Europe, including dates and tourist sights. She also includes accounts of dinner parties, for instance. She characterizes the people participating in social gatherings for the reader.She also…

"Interesting to Ladies," Home Journal, March 4, 1854

1854. Home Journal. Interesting to the Ladies - Cushman - Greenwood.pdf
Eliza Cook and Grace Greenwood are mentioned as Charlotte Cushman's intimate friends and Charlotte is characterized as feminine and honorable."Interesting to the Ladies" in the Home Journal, March 4, 1854, reprinted a note (presumably) first…

The Athenaeum, Cushman mention in Gossip Section, Sept 16, 1854

The Athenaeum, Sept. 16, 1854, Gossip - Omeka2.pdf
Cushman is announced to perform at Sadler's Wells Theatre in London. The paragraph suggests that prices have been increased due to Cushman's renown. Credit Hathi Trust

Haps and Mishaps Review, London Athenaeum, Nov 18, 1854

1854. London Athenaeum. Haps and Mishaps Review. Nov 18.pdf
The reviewer belittles Greenwood's admiring accounts of well-known people in her Haps and Mishaps of a Tour in Europe. The author criticizes her for misinterpreting certain conversations. Credit Hathi Trust

"The Cabinet", Farmer's Cabinet, Feb 2, 1859

Farmer's Cabinet, Hosmer and Cushman mention, February 2, 1859-with annotations.pdf
In one of the entries in this column, Hosmer and Cushman are reported to be living together in Rome. Credit Readex: America's Historical Newspapers

Vandenhoff's Leaves from an Actor's Note-Book; With Reminiscences and Chit-Chat of the Green-Room and the Stage, in England and America (1860)

Vandenhoff's Leaves from an Actor's Note-Book; With Reminiscences and Chit-Chat of the Green-Room and the Stage, in England and America (1860).pdf
Same text but different page no. published as Dramatic Reminiscences; or, Actors and Actresses in England and America (1860, London, T. W. Cooper).The autobiographical text was translated by A. v. Winterfeld and published in German as Blätter aus dem…

Harriet Beecher Stowe's "Mrs Stowe and Her Neighbors in Rome," Lowell Daily Citizen and News, July 23, 1860

1860. Beecher Stowe, Harriet_Rome Neighbors_Lowell_Daily_Citizen_and_News__July_23_1860.pdf
Originally, the article was published in the New York Independent on July 12, 1860. Stowe describes social gatherings in Via Gregoriana in Rome. She explicitly mentions Cushman's household, Stebbins, and Hosmer, who are living together. The short…

The Pine and Palm vol. 1, no. 9, July 13, 1861

BPL_Palm and Pine July 13, 1861_Vol 1 No 4.pdf
An issue of The Pine and Palm (formerly the Weekly Anglo-African, 1859-1861), including an example of the column "All Round the World" (here on p. 3) which ran for about a year and presented the readership of this Black newspaper with snippets of…

"Male Gossips," The Christian Recorder, Jun 7, 1862

Christian Recorder_1862_Male Gossips.pdf
This article argues that although "[t]he world, especially the masculine part of it, has always had a great deal to say about female gossips" and it is "doubtless" that women are "good talkers," men also gossip and the author confirms the existence…

"The Independent Lecture Course," Albany Evening Journal, Nov 26, 1862

1862. Albany Evening Journal. Gossip Lecture. Omeka.pdf
An article announcing Greenwood's independent lecture about personal recollections from Washington, London, and Rome, referred to as "charming gossip." Meanwhile the paper emphasizes the artistic and literary content from Rome and London, while the…

Rumor about Hosmer's Zenobia, Art Journal, 1863

The Art Journal (1863) - Zenobia Rumor - Roman Clique - Omeka.pdf
The Art Journal republishes a comment from the Queen newspaper (in an obituary for British sculptor Alfred Gatley) which claims Hosmer's Zenobia statue was "really executed by an Italian workman."Hosmer responded to this attack on her reputation with…

Edmonia Lewis' Trunk Stolen, Commonwealth, Aug 12, 1865

1865_Commonwealth_Edmonia Lewis Trunk Stolen.pdf
This short entry quoting the Anglo-African reports that Ada Howard's and Edmonia Lewis' trunks were stolen from their borading-house in Richmond. Credit Readex: America's Historical Newspapers

"Miss Edmonia Lewis at Florence," Commonwealth, Oct 21, 1865

1865_Commonwealth_Edmonia Lewis in Florence.pdf
This short article in the column "Artistic" reports the arrival of Edmonia Lewis in Florence through Paris. It adds that she has been received well by other expats and friends, except from one lady from Boston who "declined to received her, --…

The Colored Citizen vol. 3, no. 29, May 19, 1866

AAS_BibID 9567 Colored Citizen.pdf
An issue of the The Colored Citizen, with a special focus on the column "Parlor and Fireside", containing gossip about European celebrities. Credit American Antiquarian Society

Katherine C. Walker's "American Studios in Rome and Florence," Harper's New Monthly Magazine, June 1866

1866. Harpers Monthly. American Studios in Rome.pdf
The article praises a range of US-American artists living and working in Rome, among who Story, Hosmer, Tilton, and Hiram Powers can be found. It advertises their studios to potential US-American travelers who pass through Rome on their way and…

"Fashion and Gossip," Flag of Our Union, Jan 12, 1867 to May 14, 1870

Flag of our Union. 1868. Fashion and Gossip (telegram style).pdf
"Fashion and Gossip" is a column inFlag of Our Union that recounts the most recent fashion trends for women as well as the latest home and foreign gossip, ranging from local marriage arrangements to news about prominent figures from abroad.The…

"Rome – Foreign Correspondence of the Boston Post," Boston Post, February 23, 1867

1867_Boston Post, Feb 23, 1867, p. 1 NewspaperArchive_Cushman Hosmer Rome Riding.pdf
A short excerpt from this long report on the US American art market in Rome – the part in which Hosmer and Cushman are described as expert riders whose muscular physique would make men envious – is subsequently reprinted in a number of newspapers,…

"Rome – Charlotte Cushman and Harriet Hosmer in the Eternal City," Republican Banner, March 10, 1867

1867. Republican Banner. CC and Hosmer in Rome (same Boston source)..pdf
It is the same text as in the Daily Ohio Statesman (March 15). The Boston Post is given as the source here as well.

"Rome Gossip," Daily Ohio Statesman, March 15, 1867

1867. Daily Ohio Statesman. Rome Gossip - Cushman - Hosmer - masculine.pdf
The article praises both Harriet Hosmer and Charlotte Cushman while paying more attention to the latter. Cushman is described as "muscular," generous, hospitable, and talented. Both are favorably compared to men in terms of their physique.The article…

"Harriet Hosmer and Charlotte Cushman at Rome," Chicago Tribune, March 8, 1868

1868. Chicago Tribune. Hosmer and Cushman in Rome..pdf
It is the same text as in the Daily Ohio Statesman (March 15). The Boston Post is given as the source here as well.