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Athenaeum, Cushman Mentions, July-Dec 1845 (Vol. 2)

1845. Athenaeum v.2.pdf
Remarkably, Cushman's sister Susan and her mother are mentioned in the reports as wanting "a share of the fruits of Shakspeare's [sic] island." Cushman is characterized as a gifted and "prosperous actress." Credit Hathi Trust

Excerpt from Grace Greenwood's "Sketch from Life" (1849)

NYPL Misc. A Sketch from Life. Omeka.pdf
Greenwood writes a sketch about Henry Elliot. The (auto)biographical account is published by Sara Josepha Hale in an edited collection called The Opal: A Pure Gift for the Holy Days (1849). Credit New York Public Library

"The World's Newspapers," The Daily Picayune, Nov 25, 1894.

1894. Greenwood on Newspapers and Women Journalists.pdf
Greenwood, speaking from her travel experience and stays abroad, evaluates the French, Italian, and English press in comparison to the US-American. In the context of a changing press culture, she also indulges in a long speech against…

"Pistols for Two", Freeman's Journal, Dec 22, 1842

1842. Freemans Journal. Duel anticipated.pdf
This article describes an antagonistic relationship between Charlotte Cushman and Madame Celeste. It indicates that an intellectual duel between the two could be anticipated. Credit The British Library Newspapers, Gale Digital Collections

Greenwood Leaves, Second Series, 1852

Greenwood Leaves - Omeka.pdf
Greenwood publishes her letters in a second series of her Greenwood Leaves.For instance, letter no. 12 is published in the National Era, Sept 23, 1852.The first series was published two years earlier, in 1850. Credit

Grace Greenwood's "An American Salon," Feb 1890

An American Salon -Omeka2.pdf
Greenwood introduces Gamaliel Bailey (editor of The National Era since 1847) and his wife as hosts of the respective salon to the reader. She touches upon senators and the abolition cause, social life in Washington by giving away stories about…

"Reviews", Liverpool Mercury, Aug 16, 1846

1846. Liverpool Mercury. Rumors about Susan.pdf
This article reports on a lithograph of Charlotte Cushman being produced and valued at an astonishingly low price. It also praises Cushman on her skills and talent in acting, but disagreeing with Connoisseur that she is in the only tragic actress at…

"Provincial Theatres and Gossip", Era, Aug 2, 1846

1846. The Era. Gossip in Title.pdf
This short entry reports the news that Charlotte and Susan Cushman are about to make limited appearances in the Surrey Theatre. Credit The British Library Newspapers,Gale Digital Collections

"A Real Romeo", Northern Star, Jan 9, 1847

1847. Northern Star, A Real Romeo, Jan 9, p. 3.pdf
This short entry reports on Susan Cushman's romantic attachment to a young Englishman from Liverpool. Credit NCSE: Nineteenth-Century Serials Edition

"Rogers (the poet) and the Misses Cushman", Northern Star, Dec 8, 1849

1849. The Northern Star. Why dont you marry your sister.pdf
This short entry concerns the rumours about Susan Cushman's wedding and Samuel Roger's wife's remark that the former should marry her sister Charlotte Cushman. Credit NCSE: Nineteenth-Century Serials Edition

"California", Jackson's Oxford Journal, Aug 30, 1851

1851. Jacksons Oxford Journal. Rumor Male Attire.pdf
This is a short entry under news from America reports on the rumours that Charlotte Cushman has "adopted male attire" permanently. Credit The British Library Newspapers,Gale Digital Collections

"Miss Cushman", Era, Feb 1, 1852

1852. The Era. Rumors on CCs Death.pdf
This article addresses the false rumours of Charlotte Cushman's death and reports on the certainty of her recovery as she is back in favourable health. Credit The British Library Newspapers,Gale Digital Collections

Stebbins as Cushman's Traveling Companion, Rocky Mountain Husbandman, June 8, 1876

The short note quotes from Charlotte Cushman's will. Credit

Cobbe's Autobiography Life of Frances Power Cobbe (1894)

1894. Cobbe Power, Frances_Life of. Cushman Hosmer chapter. Omeka.pdf
The excerpt gives insights into Charlotte Cushman's household in Rome and the introduction of Cobbe to Mary Lloyd in 1861-62. Credit Hathi Trust

"Charlotte Cushman: The Story of Her Love as Told by Celia Logan," Lowell Daily Citizen, Aug 14, 1877

1877. Lowell Daily Citizen. Cushman - Unrequited Love.pdf
Celia Logan cleverly positions herself as an actress who performed with Charlotte Cushman on stage. This joint engagement allows her to present herself as having had access to intimate knowledge about the actress and her relationships to two men,…

Celia Logan about Cushman, Fayettewille Weekly Democrat, Oct 14, 1876

The paragraph criticizes Logan's condescending account in the Washington Chronicle Credit

Don Piatt Speaking in Favor of Logan, Daily Memphis Avalanche, June 3, 1877

The article reports that Piatt speaks up for Logan who "is charged with having fabricated a story about a love affair between Conrad B. Clarke and the great Charlotte."Apparently, it is not known at that time that Celia Logan was Conrad B. Clarke's…

Charlotte Cushman's Ingratitude, Public Ledger, Oct 6, 1877

This article reprints part of a Washington Chronicle contribution by Celia Logan. The article characterizes Cushman as competitive and vicious in her attempts to prevent success of other actresses. Credit

Logan's Account of a Selfish Cushman, Deseret News, Nov 1, 1876

Similar to the Fayettewille Weekly Democrat report, this article refers to the Washington Chronicle account given by Celia Logan in which she speaks of Cushman's love life premised on "personal observation." Both newspapers that react to Logan's…

Cushman-Logan Controversy, Democrat and Chronicle, Oct 2, 1876

The article juxtaposes Logan's account, which includes a condescending view on Susan Cushman allegedly uttered by Cushman, and an article in the Washington Chronicle by an anonymous woman. Credit