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"Some Interesting Facts," Colored American Magazine, July 1, 1902

African American Periodicals, 1825-1995_gossip about racial background.pdf
This opinion piece written by Cyrus Field Adams about racial mixing states that "[i]t is common gossip in the South that many of the leading families have a strain of Negro blood in their veins." This statement is backed up by the author's intimate…

"American Artists in Rome," Boston Daily Evening Transcript, July 3, 1869

1869. Boston Daily Evening Transcript. American Artists in Rome.pdf
The reprint from the Philadelphia Bulletin gives insights into the expatriate community of American artists living and working in Rome. It relies on Brewster's own observations and hearsay. Credit

"Angelic American Females Radiating at Rome," Daily Journal of Commerce, June 1, 1871

1871. Daily Journal of Commerce. Females at Rome.pdf
The article recounts a studio reception of the artist Healy from Brewster's perspective. Credit

"Roman Scandal," Chicago Tribune, March 3, 1877

1877. Chicago Tribune. Roman Scandal. European Gossip.pdf
The reprint from the New York World recounts a wedding scandal of the rich Marchese Lezzani family. The incident has been widely discussed among affluent members of the Roman society. Credit

European Gossip, Clay Center Dispatch, Mar 29, 1877

1877. Gossip Notes.pdf
Among gossip notes, a passage from the New York World note by Brewster about a wedding of the American Countess von Linden can be found. Credit

"Un Petit Accident d'Amour," Brooklyn Daily Eagle, Nov 12, 1880

1880. Brooklyn Daily Eagle. Dinner Party.pdf
Brewster offers a biting commentary on the social norms of Vanity Fair drawing from the example of French actress Sarah Bernhardt who offended the upper-class members with her "bad morals." Credit

"Letter from Rome," Boston Daily Advertiser, April 29, 1871

Brewster, Anne. Letter from Rome. Boston Daily Advertiser, 29 Apr. 1871. - cf. Item 257, but too early.pdf
Brewster appears as the "regular correspondent" from the Boston Daily Advertiser contributing one of her letters from Rome. The article lists members of the deputation, describes architectural sites in Rome, gives an account of archeological…

"Letter from Rome," Boston Daily Advertiser, March 2, 1870

Brewster, Anne_Letter From Rome. Boston Daily Advertiser, March 2 1870.pdf
Brewster attends to social gatherings and a funeral in Rome. She characterizes the well-known Louis Veuillot as a "violent writer" whose articles often disclose secrets. Brewster repeatedly uses the term gossip in this article. Credit 19th Century…

"American Artists in Rome," Lippincott's Monthly Magazine, Feb 1869

1869. Lippincott. American Artists in Rome.pdf
The article starts with a graphic description of the Piazza di Spagna in a first-person plural narrative. It further includes passages on pieces of art in the studios that Brewster visited, buyers of portraits, reasons for purchases, the historical…

"A Dish of Italian Scandal," Chicago Tribune, Oct 18, 1872

1872. Chicago_Tribune_Fri__Oct_18. Italian Scandal.pdf
This reprint of a Boston Adertiser Letter by Brewster recounts a quarrel between the Saxon Duchess Marguerite and King Victor Emmanuel. Credit

"How Charlotte Cushman Came to Play 'Nancy Sykes,'" The Superior Times, Oct 26, 1878

1878. Superior_Times_Sat__Oct_26.pdf
The reprint from Brewster's article for the Boston Advertiser speaks to Cushman’s performance as Nancy Sykes before she went to England. It is a glowing review and covers Cushman’s financial precarity and beginning of her career. The article is…

"Rome," Boston Daily Advertiser, 1870 to 1876

Brewster on Rome 1871.pdf
"Rome" is a column in the Boston Daily Advertiser written by Anne Brewster, in which she gives accounts of any political, cultural, or social news that have occurred in Rome.The included file only serves as an example illustration of the…

"She Wears a Peruke," Hartford Daily Courant, Jan 26, 1877

1877. Hartford Faily Courant. Brewster Column (1).pdf
Brewster reports on her sighting of Eugénie of France at the Vatican. She recounts her shock at the appearance of the Empress, as Brewster had previously known her for her "rare beauty." Especially her peruke aroused outrage among the…

Byrne's Gossip of the Century: Personal and Traditional Memories (1892)

Byrne_Gossip of the Century, Vol. 1 (1892).pdf
A retrospective account of Cushman as actress and of her private life: The Memories serve as a good example for how the public image changes after Cushman's death and her success as an actress is being forgotten step by step.Gossip of the Century…

Cobbe's Autobiography Life of Frances Power Cobbe (1894)

1894. Cobbe Power, Frances_Life of. Cushman Hosmer chapter. Omeka.pdf
The excerpt gives insights into Charlotte Cushman's household in Rome and the introduction of Cobbe to Mary Lloyd in 1861-62. Credit Hathi Trust

"Charlotte Cushman: The Story of Her Love as Told by Celia Logan," Lowell Daily Citizen, Aug 14, 1877

1877. Lowell Daily Citizen. Cushman - Unrequited Love.pdf
Celia Logan cleverly positions herself as an actress who performed with Charlotte Cushman on stage. This joint engagement allows her to present herself as having had access to intimate knowledge about the actress and her relationships to two men,…

Letter from Charles Cushman to Emma Stebbins, Friday, Sept 3, [1869?]

LoC, CCP 10, 3104-3105, Letter from Edwin Cushman to Emma Stebbins, Friday, Sept 3.pdf
Charles tells Stebbins about Charlotte's current health situation. Charlotte is being treated by James Simpson at the moment. Charles mentions an article of Mrs Stowe on Lady Byron in Mc'millan that is being talked about. Credit Library of…

Letter from Charlotte Cushman to Helen Hunt, Jan 6, 1874

Charlotte Cushman discusses friendship and Helen Hunt's pen name Saxe Holm about which Cushman will stay quiet. The letter may be the response to item 213. Cushman also touches upon people who gossip/spread rumors. Eventually, she informs Hunt that…