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Transcript of Letter from Charlotte Cushman to [Sidney Lanier], Aug 3, 1875

JLP 1, CC to [Sidney Lanier], Aug 3, 1875.pdf
Charlotte Cushman writes to Sidney Lanier about a Mr. Calvert who admires his poems. She has been cut of all her “English associations for so long—& they were never of the Press, that it is not clear to me at once.” Charlotte is suffering from…

Copied Correspondence by Harold Moulton sent to Jennie Lorenz, Sept 25, 1950

JLP 5 Copied Correspondence - OV Omeka.pdf
Harold Moulton sends photostatic copies of two autographed letters to Lorenz. Jennie requested material relating to Charlotte Cushman.The first letter is from Charlotte Cushman to Mrs Sarah J. Hale, Editor of “Lady’s Book” (Philadelphia). Cushman…

Anne Brewster's "Miss Cushman," Blackwood's Edinburgh Magazine, Aug 1878

1878. August. Blackwoods Magazine. Brewster about CC Omeka.pdf
Anne Brewster describes the relationship between herself and Charlotte Cushman starting at the beginning of the 1840s as an "intimacy" and "intimate friendship". Together they were reading plays and preparing for Charlotte's performances on stage.…

James Parton's Eminent Women of the Age (1869)

Parton et al._Eminent Women - Omeka.pdf
Eminent Women was written by James Parton, Horace Greeley, T.W. Higginson, J. C. Abbott, William Winter, Theodore Tilton, Prof. James M. Hoppin, Fanny Fern, Grace Greenwood, Mrs. E. C. Stanton, and others that are not listed.Greeley founded the New…

Letter from Anne Whitney, Mar 23, 1869

1869_Letter from Anne Whitney 1869 March 28.pdf
Anne Whitney's letter offers another perspective on Harriet Hosmer's participation in fox hunts in Rome and the rift this caused with Charlotte Cushman (see also Merrill 236). Whitney tells the recipient about an English woman who frames Hosmer's…

Letter from Emma Stebbins to Anne Whitney, June 19, 1878

1878_Letter from Emma Stebbins Hyde Park New York to Anne Whitney_about the reception of the memoir.pdf
Emma Stebbins respinds to Anne Whitney's reaction to reading Charlotte Cushman: Letters and Memories of Her Life. Credit Wellesley College Archives, Papers of Anne Whitney (MSS.4): Correspondence. 2010.

Letter from Charlotte Cushman to Emma Crow, Sept 12, 1860

CCP Box 1 CC to ECC 1860, Sep 12.pdf
Cushman is anxious that Emma Crow may lose letters that Charlotte sent: "I don't like such dear letters addressed to me to be lost. or be sent to the Dead letter office. If any 'unscrupulous person or persons' should find it. my reputation might be…

Letter from Charlotte Cushman to Annie Fields, Dec 25, 1860

CC to AF, 1860-12-25.pdf
Cushman described Emma Stebbins as her "much better half." She tells Annie about their stressful journey to NYC and about a favorable article about herself that she encountered. Credit Huntington Library, James Thomas Fields Papers and Addenda

Mrs. Walker's Reminiscences of the Life of the World-Renowned Charlotte Cushman (1876)

Walker_Reminiscences of Renowned Cushman (1876).pdf
The biography traces Cushman's successful career and mentions many business partners and friends. However, it excludes every references to Cushman's same-sex relationships. It is published after Charlotte Cushman's death.The Cushman-Macready-…