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"Charlotte Cushman's First Appearance in England," Harper's Bazar, March 18, 1876

1876. Harpers Bazar. Cushman in England..pdf
James H. Siddons gives a very intimate account of Charlotte Cushman's rise to success in England and describes her struggles and strategies, including a press network and behind-the-scenes accounts. Maddox is characterized as a capitalist,…

"Our Sanitary Fair in Rome," The Methodist, Apr 2, 1864

1864. Methodist. Solidarity Fair in Rome - Cushman.pdf
The preparations of the Sanitary Commission are highlighted. The article praises American artists in Rome, among who Cushman and Stebbins can be found, that contribute to raising money in a patriotic manner. The article names Emma Stebbins and…

Greenwood Leaves, Second Series, 1852

Greenwood Leaves - Omeka.pdf
Greenwood publishes her letters in a second series of her Greenwood Leaves. Credit

Accounts of Charlotte Cushman's Life, Notes by Stebbins

CCP 15. 3990-4000. Account of CCs Life.pdf
This document is a collection of different quotes given by Charlotte Cushman before her death. It is supposedly written by Emma Stebbins and ranges from family history, childhood experiences, financial struggles, to early career ambitions and…

Anne Brewster's "Miss Cushman," Blackwood's Edinburgh Magazine, Aug 1878

1878. August. Blackwoods Magazine. Brewster about CC Omeka.pdf
Anne Brewster describes the relationship between herself and Charlotte Cushman starting at the beginning of the 1840s as an "intimacy" and "intimate friendship". Together they were reading plays and preparing for Charlotte's performances on stage.…

Copied Correspondence by Harold Moulton sent to Jennie Lorenz, Sept 25, 1950

JLP 5 Copied Correspondence - OV Omeka.pdf
Harold Moulton sends photostatic copies of two autographed letters to Lorenz. Jennie requested material relating to Charlotte Cushman.The first letter is from Charlotte Cushman to Mrs Sarah J. Hale, Editor of “Lady’s Book” (Philadelphia). Cushman…

Cushman's first professional appearance as Countess Almaviva in The Marriage of Figaro, April 1835

On April 8, 1835, Cushman made her debut on the stage at the Tremont Theatre in Boston in the role of Countess Almaviva in The Marriage of Figaro. While Cushmam's performance seemingly betrayed her nerves, contemporary reviews praised her…

Edmund Burke Fisher

Fisher works as an editor and writer, for the New Yorker among others. He regularly presents himself as an admirer and suitor of Cushman. He actively shapes her career by facilitating business contacts and expanding Cushman social capital.