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Poem by Cushman about Macready, The Anglo American, Jan 1844

The Anglo-American_Macready Poem by Cushman (1 Jan 1844).pdf
Cushman writes that poem in December 1843 and publishes it in January 1844.
There is no diary entry from when Charlotte Cushman published her poem about Macready. Between Dec 1843 and May 1844 Charlotte Cushman is not mentioned in Macreadys diary.

Stillman's The Autobiography of a Journalist (1901), Vol. 1

Stillman_The Autobiography of a Journalist v.1.pdf
Charlotte Cushman is mentioned on pages 359-365.Cushman and her "clique" (365) included Miss Stebbins, Harriet Hosmer, "and one or two others of lesser fame" (359).He states that she used her fame or even Stillman (critic) to denounce other sculptors…

Edmund Burke Fisher

Fisher works as an editor and writer, for the New Yorker among others. He regularly presents himself as an admirer and suitor of Cushman. He actively shapes her career by facilitating business contacts and expanding Cushman social capital.

Wemyss's Twenty-Six Years of the Life of an Actor and Manager (1847)

Wemyss (1847)_Twenty-six years of the life of an actor and manager - Omeka excerpt.pdf
Francis Courtney Wemyss is an actor and theater manager. The entry for Cushman envisions her as a business woman that cleverly paved her way to success by acquiring knowledge about the profession of an actress and the respective people involved in…

Letter from Charlotte Cushman to Annie Fields, [1865]

Letter from CC to AF, 1865
Charlotte Cushman mentions the Sanitary Commission and asks the Fields for help in terms of advertising a performance of her as she aims at collecting money for the charity. In particular, she asks Annie to send James to Ticknor Jr., as Chushman…

Letter from Charlotte Cushman to James Fields, July 15, 1868

Letter from CC to JF, July 15, 1868
Cushman has sent packages to London and mentions an essay (written by Elizabeth Peabody as indicated in a letter from Cushman to Annie Fields) about the genius of Hawthorne which may encourage more public attention to the Marble Faun. Cushman…

Letter from Charlotte Cushman to Annie Fields, Jan 5, 1871

CC to AF, 1871-01-05.pdf
Cushman informs the Fields family about her plans of traveling and her looking for a house for Emma Cushman. Her fondness for the Hunt family, in addition to her indecisiveness about whether she should retire from the stage or go back to it, are…

Letter from Charlotte Cushman to Annie Fields, Nov 27, [1871?]

CC to AF, 1871-11-27.pdf
Cushman asks James Fields for a favor on behalf of Stebbins who was upset about the "lack of applause" at a performance at the theater. Fields should print a comment in the [Boston Daily?] Advertiser or [Boston Daily Evening?]…