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"Grace Greenwood," Waukesha Daily Freeman, July 13, 1882

1882. Waukesha Daily Freeman. GG Bio.pdf
Sarah K. Bolton writes a favorable biographical account of Grace Greenwood. Bolton introduces the article by characterizing her relationship to Greenwood from admiration from a distance to affection as long-term acquaintences.The author states that…

Diary Entry by Anne H. Brewster about the Breakup of Charlotte Cushman and Matilda Hays

ABP Box 4 5, diary 1876. On CC and Hays_excerpt.pdf
The complete diary entry for June 5, 1876 is 24 pages long and details the time Harriet Hosmer and Anne H. Brewster spent together. The last eight pages (transcribed here) recount, how Hosmer witnessed the passionate breakup of Charlotte Cushman and…

Anne Brewster's "Miss Cushman," Blackwood's Edinburgh Magazine, Aug 1878

1878. August. Blackwoods Magazine. Brewster about CC Omeka.pdf
Anne Brewster describes the relationship between herself and Charlotte Cushman starting at the beginning of the 1840s as an "intimacy" and "intimate friendship". Together they were reading plays and preparing for Charlotte's performances on stage.…

Letter from Elizabeth Barrett Browning to her sister Arabel, Oct 22, 1852

NYPL Berg Coll E.B.B to sister 1852, oct. CC + Hayes.pdf
Browning describes Cushman and Hays's relationship as a "female marriage." Credit New York Public Librarysee also: The Brownings Correspondence by Wedgestone Press

Letter from Elizabeth Browning to Robert Browning, [Oct 21, 1852]

Elizabeth Browning tells Robert of her Paris experience, recounting an encounter with Louis Napoleon together with Cushman. Elizabeth Browning also mentions that Cushman "is on her way to Rome with her friend Miss Hayes who translated George Sand,—so…

Letter from Elizabeth Barret Browning to Isa Blagden, Feb 13, 1853

Elizabeth Browning recounts her first encounter with Charlotte Cushman, who was with Matilda Hays, at that time. Browning liked both of them very much: "I particularly liked Miss Cushman—& I liked, too, Miss Hayes who was with her, though…

Letter from Elizabeth Barrett Browning to Isa Blagden, [Oct 20, 1856]

Elizabeth Browning informs Blagden that Robert and she are going to travel to Florence. She also mentions Cushman and Matilda Hays who are traveling to Algiers. Credit The Brownings Correspondence

Letter from Robert Browning to Isa Blagden, Jan 1, 1860

Charlotte Cushman and Harriet Hosmer are living together in Rome. Credit Armstrong Browning Library - The Browning Letters

Letter from Robert Browning to Isa Blagden, Jan 28, 1860

Robert Browning mentions Charlotte Cushman and Harriet Hosmer together, as friends of Isa Blagden. Credit Armstrong Browning Library - The Browning Letters

Letter from Robert Browning to Isa Blagden, March 19, 1864

Isa Blagden is in Rome and Robert Browning asks her to give his "love to all old friends you see, Miss Cushman, Miss Stebbins,—Hatty & all indeed." Credit Armstrong Browning Library - The Browning Letters

Cobbe's "Celibacy v. Marriage," Fraser's Magazine (1862, reprinted as "Essay II" in Essays of the Pursuits of Women 1863)

Cobbe_Fraser Magazine. Omeka.pdf
The essay gives reasons for both sexes to refrain from marrying, among which gendered violence can be found. Although marriage remains the ideal, a "love and union conjugal nobler and more tender" (56), the contexts of new laws by Divorce Court and…

Letter from Charlotte Cushman to Emma Crow Cushman, May 11, 1865

CC to ECC, May 11, 1865 - LoC, CCP, Box 2,787-790 -2.pdf
Charlotte writes about Lincoln's assassination and its impact on her and people she knows. Additionally, she tells Emma Crow Cushman about guests who stayed in her house that were not particularly welcome. Most of all, this letter is about…

Letter from Charlotte Cushman to James Fields, Nov 21, 1862

Letter from CC to JT, November 21, 1862
Tilton has not been handling the sending of Cushman's belongings very well. Cushman is grateful for the books James Fields has sent her way, but comments on him forgetting to do so as of lately. These two issues cause her describe men (="sex") as…

Letter from Charlotte Cushman to Annie Fields, June 29, 1873

CC to AF, 1873-05-29.pdf
The commissioned sculpture of an angel in Central Park, created by Emma Stebbins, was met with ridicule by several papers. Cushman urges Annie to help her act against this slander. Fields could help to "destroy the effect of this dirty article" in…

Letter from Charlotte Cushman to the Fields family, May 23, 1860

CC to Af and JF, 1860-05-23.pdf
Cushman writes to the Fields of travel arrangements and complications which were experienced along the road and of a potential meeting in London. She informs them about the rooms she would like for her travel companions and herself, asking James to…

Letter from Charlotte Cushman to Helen Hunt, Aug 16, 1874

Charlotte Cushman discusses further engagements and tells Hunt about her "friend Miss Stebbins" who accompanies her. Emma Stebbins's mother died.For transcripts, please visit Colorado College.

Letter from Charlotte Cushman to Emma Crow, Apr 27, 1858

CCP Box 1 CC to ECC 1858, April (marriage to ES).pdf
Charlotte Cushman feels poorly, so "unlike" herself lately. She is busy rehearsing and refers to her past life as a "hotel life" in which she was a "wanderer." Emma's father, Wayman Crow, is doing business in Baltimore and known as an honorable…

Letter from Charlotte Cushman to Rosalie Sully [?], Nov 21, [1845]

CCP 7, 2299-2302, CC to Unknown.pdf
Charlotte Cushman is probably writing to Rosalie Sully here, since Charlotte is working in Great Britain and spending time with Eliza Cook. She repeatedly confesses her love to the addressee. They cannot show their intimacy publicly and Cushman can…

Letter from Charlotte Cushman to Unknown [Rosalie Sully], Glasgow, Nov 30, [1845]

CCP 7, 2304-2306, CC to Unknown.pdf
Charlotte Cushman laments the "restrained expression" of the addressee in letters addressed to Charlotte. She met the addressee when the latter was 18 years old. The addressee has blue eyes and Cushman repeatedly assures the addressee of her love.…

Letter from Charlotte Cushman to Helen Hunt Jackson, Dec 6, 1869

At this state, Charlotte Cushman is "a poor shaky old 'queen'" who contemplates going back to the US.She comments on her relationship with Emma Stebbins and reveals a breach of trust with, presumably, Emma Crow Cushman:"You are wrong dear in you…