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"Reviews", Liverpool Mercury, Aug 16, 1846

1846. Liverpool Mercury. Rumors about Susan.pdf
This article reports on a lithograph of Charlotte Cushman being produced and valued at an astonishingly low price. It also praises Cushman on her skills and talent in acting, but disagreeing with Connoisseur that she is in the only tragic actress at…

Letter from Charlotte Cushman to Emma Crow Cushman, Jan 22, 1864

CCP Box 2 1864 Jan 22.pdf
Charlotte calls herself a "Mum" and Emma her "daughter" in this letter. She is criticizing Longfellow and critiquing the January issue of the Atlantic. Among other issues, Cushman is discussing "war" and "peace" democrats, the administration, Harriet…

Letter from Bellew to Charlotte Cushman, March 16, 1856

CCP 9, 2652-2653, B+++er to CC, March 16, 1856.pdf
The author of that letter accuses Matilda Hays of a "scheme" to end the friendship between the writer and Charlotte Cushman but spreading false information which is described as 'perverting' the author's conduct. Hays is called Cushman's…

Letter from E. B. Fisher to Charlotte Cushman, Oct 8, [1836]

CCP 11, 3311, Fisher to CC, Oct 8.pdf
Fisher describes himself as an unworthy correspondent to Charlotte Cushman. He praises her talent as an actress and apologizes for past mistakes without specifying what he is talking about. He agrees to her request that they should not meet…

Letter from E. B. Fisher to Charlotte Cushman, Oct 7, 1836

CCP 11, 3310, CC to Fisher, Oct 7, 1836.pdf
Fisher asks Charlotte Cushman to refrain from contacting him again. He expresses a firmly rooted disappointment in and aversion to society ("a scandal loving world"). Fisher touches upon an issue of Cushman being involved ("intimacy") with the…

Letter from Charlotte Cushman to Helen Hunt, Jan 6, 1874

Charlotte Cushman discusses friendship and Helen Hunt's pen name Saxe Holm about which Cushman will stay quiet. The letter may be the response to item 213. Cushman also touches upon people who gossip/spread rumor. Eventually, she informs Hunt that…

Letter from Rosalie Sully to Charlotte Cushman, May 11, 1845

CCP Box 14 Sully^J Rosalie to CC 1847.pdf
Rosalie Sully writes to Charlotte Cushman. Rosalie is heart-broken since the two had to go separate ways. To show her love, she is still wearing a ring and bracelet that Cushman gave her last summer. Rosalie is referring to a pledge on July 6, 1844,…

James Parton's Eminent Women of the Age (1869)

Parton et al._Eminent Women - Omeka.pdf
Eminent Women was written by James Parton, Horace Greeley, T.W. Higginson, J. C. Abbott, William Winter, Theodore Tilton, Prof. James M. Hoppin, Fanny Fern, Grace Greenwood, Mrs. E. C. Stanton, and others that are not listed.Greeley founded the New…

Letter from Emma Stebbins to Anne Whitney, Jan 8, 1879

1879_Letter from Emma Stebbins New York City New York to Anne Whitney.pdf
Emma Stebbins writes about grieving and some rumors in the papers, among which Hosmer confronts some libel. Credit Wellesley College Archives, Papers of Anne Whitney (MSS.4)


Craik's A Woman's Thoughts on Women (1858)

Craik_Woman's Thoughts about Women (1858).pdf
Craik comments on the relationship between truth and gossip, men and women, and gives contemporary examples of gossip and how to refrain from participating in gossipping activities.Leach indicates that Craik and Charlotte Cushman knew eacht other and…