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Letter from E. B. Fisher to Charlotte Cushman, Oct 7, 1836

CCP 11, 3310, CC to Fisher, Oct 7, 1836.pdf
Fisher asks Charlotte Cushman to refrain from contacting him again. He expresses a firmly rooted disappointment in and aversion to society ("a scandal loving world"). Fisher touches upon an issue of Cushman being involved ("intimacy") with the…

Letter from E. B. Fisher to Charlotte Cushman, Oct 8, [1836]

CCP 11, 3311, Fisher to CC, Oct 8.pdf
Fisher describes himself as an unworthy correspondent to Charlotte Cushman. He praises her talent as an actress and apologizes for past mistakes without specifying what he is talking about. He agrees to her request that they should not meet…

Boston Evening Transcript, October 31, 1843

Boston Evening Transcript, October 31, 1843, page 2 - false report - annotated.pdf
On page 2, the newspaper falsely reports on Cushman going tour with Macready. Macready mentions these false reports in his diary, which make him furious. Credit Readex: America's Historical Newspapers

Pennsylvania Inquirer and National Gazette, False Reports, Nov 1, 1843

Pennsylvania Inquirer and National Gazette (Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Wednesday, November 01, 1843, false report-annotated.pdf
Cushman is mentioned in a headline in the category of news by the Eastern Mail. The Inquirer reprints the false reports that Macready criticizes in his diary. The article suggest the reciprocal benefits for both Macready and Cushman resulting from a…

Macready and Cushman, Boston Evening Transcript, November 14, 1843

Boston Evening Transcript, November 14, 1843, page 2 - annotated.pdf
On page 2, the paper speculates or utters wishful thinking about a theater performance involving both Macready and Cushman, performing Shakespearean roles. Given the context of false reports about Cushman accompanying Macready on his Southern tour…

Boston Evening Transcript, Nov 16, 1843

Boston Evening Transcript, November 16, 1843, page 2 - annotated.pdf
The false reports that Macready referenced in his diary entry spread further. Credit Readex: America's Historical Newspapers

Cushman's Transatlantic Success, New York Daily Herald, March 21, 1845

The article praises Cushman who "has created a sensation in the theatrical world of London." She is presented as the next Mrs Siddons.A critic of the Morning News is denounced for stating that "Miss Cushman has been indebted to the good offices of…

"Reviews", Liverpool Mercury, Aug 16, 1846

1846. Liverpool Mercury. Rumors about Susan.pdf
This article reports on a lithograph of Charlotte Cushman being produced and valued at an astonishingly low price. It also praises Cushman on her skills and talent in acting, but disagreeing with Connoisseur that she is in the only tragic actress at…

"A Real Romeo", Northern Star, Jan 9, 1847

1847. Northern Star, A Real Romeo, Jan 9, p. 3.pdf
This short entry reports on Susan Cushman's romantic attachment to a young Englishman from Liverpool. Credit NCSE: Nineteenth-Century Serials Edition

"'Brief Chronicler of the Times'", Manchester Times, May 14, 1847

1847. Manchester Times - CC said to be ill.pdf
This article reports on Charlotte Cushman's health, stating that she "lies dangerously ill at Chester", after injuring her spine on her journey from Belfast. Credit The British Library Newspapers,Gale Digital Collections