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Adrienne Hope (1866)

A novel written by Matilda M. Hays

"The Cabinet", Farmer's Cabinet, Feb 2, 1859

Farmer's Cabinet, Hosmer and Cushman mention, February 2, 1859-with annotations.pdf
In one of the entries in this column, Hosmer and Cushman are reported to be living together in Rome. Credit Readex: America's Historical Newspapers

Macready's Diary – Cushman mentions (edited by Toynbee, 1912)

Macready's Diary Screenshot.JPG
The diary entries depict an interesting dynamic between Macready's and Cushman's relationship. There is no diary entry from the beginning of January, 1844, when Cushman published her poem about Macready in the Anglo American Journal. Usually,…

Macready and Cushman, Boston Evening Transcript, November 14, 1843

Boston Evening Transcript, November 14, 1843, page 2 - annotated.pdf
On page 2, the paper speculates or utters wishful thinking about a theater performance involving both Macready and Cushman, performing Shakespearean roles. Given the context of false reports about Cushman accompanying Macready on his Southern tour…

Boston Evening Transcript, October 31, 1843

Boston Evening Transcript, October 31, 1843, page 2 - false report - annotated.pdf
On page 2, the newspaper falsely reports on Cushman going tour with Macready. Macready mentions these false reports in his diary, which make him furious. Credit Readex: America's Historical Newspapers

Boston Evening Transcript, Nov 16, 1843

Boston Evening Transcript, November 16, 1843, page 2 - annotated.pdf
The false reports that Macready referenced in his diary entry spread further. Credit Readex: America's Historical Newspapers

Pennsylvania Inquirer and National Gazette, False Reports, Nov 1, 1843

Pennsylvania Inquirer and National Gazette (Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Wednesday, November 01, 1843, false report-annotated.pdf
Cushman is mentioned in a headline in the category of news by the Eastern Mail. The Inquirer reprints the false reports that Macready criticizes in his diary. The article suggest the reciprocal benefits for both Macready and Cushman resulting from a…

Letter from Charlotte Cushman to Annie Fields, June 29, 1873

CC to AF, 1873-05-29.pdf
The commissioned sculpture of an angel in Central Park, created by Emma Stebbins, was met with ridicule by several papers. Cushman urges Annie to help her act against this slander. The [Boston Daily Evening?] Transcript could help to "destroy the…

Duyckinck's Portrait Gallery of Eminent Men and Women of Europe and America (1872-1874)

Duyckinck_Portrait gallery of eminent men and women of Europe and America.pdf
Mary Marble mentions the collection of short biographies to Lyman Beecher Stowe when he is working on a biography of Cushman.Duyckinck's work comments on the lives of various artists and authors. The biographies include drawings/paintings of the…

Letter from Helen Hunt to Charlotte Cushman

CCP 11, 3415-3419, HH to CC.pdf
Hunt explains to Charlotte Cushman why she has not sent her any verses as of late, and talks about the poem "Boon" that she did send but is unsure whether she has receieved it. There are mentions of a new poem of Hunt called "The Lost Symphony."…