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"A Dangerous Party," Portsmouth Inquirer (Ohio), March 11, 1853

1853. Portsmouth Inquirer. Hosmer - Cushman - Hays - Happy Family - Dangerous Party.pdf
The exact same article republished from the Daily Evening Star (Washington DC) from Feb 25, 1853, except the words "a Nice Party" being replaced by "A Dangerous Party." Credit Chronicling America Historic American Newspapers

"A Nice Party," Daily Evening Star, Washington DC, Feb 25, 1853

1853. Daily Evening Star. Hosmer- Cushman- Hays - Happy Family.pdf
The article describes Charlotte Cushman, Grace Greenwood, Matilda Hays, and Harriet Hosmer as a "Happy Family" living in Rome. Credit Chronicling America Historic American Newspapers

"Actresses Unhappy Wives," Port Jervis Evening Gazette, Oct 15, 1870

AHB on CC Unhappy Wives.pdf
The article is based on the anonymous author's knowledge of Charlotte Cushman and deems Cushman to be "satisfied" with her husbandless condition of "virginity." Credit NewspaperArchive

"American Artists in Rome," Lippincott's Monthly Magazine, Feb 1869

1869. Lippincott. American Artists in Rome.pdf
The article starts with a graphic description of the Piazza di Spagna in a first-person plural narrative. It further includes passages on pieces of art in the studios that Brewster visited, buyers of portraits, reasons for purchases, the historical…

"American Artists in Rome," Mineral Point Tribune, July 20, 1871

1871 American artists in Rome.pdf
This reprint from the Boston Advertiser informs the public about the travels of American artists living in Rome. More reprints of this article can be found here, for instance. Credit Chronicling America

"An American Salon in Rome," Lippincott's Monthly Magazine, 1881

1881.Lippincott.Corson. An Americna Salon in Rome.pdf
The articles gives a definition and historical genealogy of salons with a specific focus on French salons. A salon is described as a social gathering "brought together by some leading maîtresse de maison, for the purpose of promoting an agreeable…

"Charlotte Cushman at Rome," Milwaukee Daily Sentinel, March 9, 1876

1876. Milwaukee Daily Sentinel. Cushman - Rome - Virgins.pdf
The article is a reprint from the Boston Sunday Courier. The author J.S.H. recounts the time he spent in Rome in 1852-1853. Harriet Hosmer, Grace Greenwood, and Charlotte Cushman were part of a group of five that were known as "the five wise…

"Charlotte Cushman," Chicago Tribune, June 22, 1878

This review laments that Emma Stebbins's biography of Charlotte Cushman lacks a proper account of Cushman's dramatic career and instead focuses too much on her private life. Emma Stebbins first met Cushman in Rome and the "two ladies soon became…

"Flunkyism in Washington," San Francisco Examiner, Jan 25, 1878

1878. San Francisco Examiner. Flunkyism in Wash.pdf
The reprint from The New York Times covers the "gay season" of Congress with its receptions. Greenwood is "disgusted with the flagrant flunkeyism shown here toward the occupants of the White House" and criticizes the hesitation with which the…

"Grace Greenwood in Italy," New Hampshire Statesman, Apr 16, 1853

1853. Home Journal. Greenwood on Roma - Gossip about her Love Life..pdf
The article includes an excerpt from a "private letter" and remarks that, in London, Greenwood "was the frequent guest of eminent literary and noble personages, her sketches of whom have added much to the value of her letters." Rumors about her love…

"Grace Greenwood," Waukesha Daily Freeman, July 13, 1882

1882. Waukesha Daily Freeman. GG Bio.pdf
Sarah K. Bolton writes a favorable biographical account of Grace Greenwood. Bolton introduces the article by characterizing her relationship to Greenwood from admiration from a distance to affection as long-term acquaintences.The author states that…

"Grace Greenwood's Letter," Emancipator & Republican, Oct 10, 1850

1850. Emancipator & Republican. Review of CC by Grace Greenwood.pdf
After attending a performance in Boston, Grace Greenwood praises Charlotte Cushman as a gifted actress and "wonderful woman." The original source is the Era. Credit 19th Century U.S. Newspapers

"Harriet Hosmer – Charlotte Cushman," Coleman's Rural World, Aug 15, 1868

1868. Colman's Rural World. Cushman and Hosmer - Chicagoan reference Omeka.pdf
An admirer describes Hosmer's studio and her works as well as Charlotte Cushman's home as a location of frequent gatherings.
The article is followed by a poem from Eliza Cook about how to "make your home beautiful."

"Letter from Rome," Boston Daily Advertiser, April 29, 1871

Brewster, Anne. Letter from Rome. Boston Daily Advertiser, 29 Apr. 1871. - cf. Item 257, but too early.pdf
Brewster appears as the "regular correspondent" from the Boston Daily Advertiser contributing one of her letters from Rome. The article lists members of the deputation, describes architectural sites in Rome, gives an account of archeological…

"Letter from Rome," Boston Daily Advertiser, March 2, 1870

Brewster, Anne_Letter From Rome. Boston Daily Advertiser, March 2 1870.pdf
Brewster attends to social gatherings and a funeral in Rome. She characterizes the well-known Louis Veuillot as a "violent writer" whose articles often disclose secrets. Brewster repeatedly uses the term gossip in this article. Credit 19th Century…

"Letters from the Capital," by Grace Greenwood, National Era, 1852

1852. National Era. Greenwood about CC.pdf
Grace Greenwood offers a glowing review of Cushman's performances in Washington, D.C. (as Romeo and Rosalind respectively) that stresses the sexual undertones of her audience's attraction to the actress (e.g. "She compells your half-bewildered…

"Miss Brewster," [New York Observer], [1881]

ABP 20 25 article on AB.pdf
The author describes Anne Brewster as a "well-known literary person[]" and a woman of "republican simplicity and cordiality" whose Monday afternoon receptions also attract "titled acquaintances."Brewsters work as a foreign correspondent has gained…

"Miss Charlotte Cushman," Gleason's Pictorial Drawing Room Companion [1851]

1851. Gleasons Pictorial Drawing Room Companion - taken from NYPL T. Walsh Coll. CC Misc.pdf
The article traces Cushman's rise to success in Euope, mentioning her tours with Macready and the social circle she has formed: "In private life, she has won many warm and influential friends. Among the British aristocracy, her purity of diction and…

"MISS CUSHMAN", Glasgow Herald, Jun 4, 1858

1858. Glasgow Herald. CC observed.pdf
This article reports that Charlotte Cushman and Susan Cushman Muspratt were present at the President's levee at Washington and had been received by the President with "marked attention". They had also been invited to dinner at homes of "others of the…

"Miss Harriet Hosmer," Liberator, Nov 20, 1857

Article on Hosmer. 1857. By Lydia Maria Child. Liberator.pdf
Child praises Hosmer as a genius and comments on her being a woman sculptor among so many men in this profession. Child gives a definition of 'society' and its norms and counters arguments that have depicted Hosmer disparagingly as a 'masculine'…