Charlotte Cushman
Charlotte Cushman becomes widely known on both sides of the Atlantic as the first successful US-American actress. Earlier, she was a singer under the tutelage of James G. Maeder, married to actress Clara Fisher, in Boston. Charlotte has been the sole…

Emma Stebbins
Starting in 1857, Charlotte Cushman and Emma Stebbins enter a romantic relationship that lasts until Cushman's death. After her death, Stebbins writes an often cited biography about Cushman in which she collects "letters and memories."Cushman…

Matilda Hays
Matilda Hays and Cushman meet "[s]ometime, probably after 1846" (Merrill 156). Hays plays the Juliet to Cushman’s Romeo in 1848, when Cushman's sister Susan plans to marry James Sheridan Muspratt. Hays is in a relationship with Charlotte Cushman in…


A collection of archival material (letters, diaries, magazine clippings) collected from the Library of Congress, New York Public Library, and Philadelphia Historical Society that showcase the life of Charlotte Cushman, leading actress of the nineteenth century

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