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Letter from Charlotte Cushman to Emma Crow Cushman, July 27, 1860

CCP 1, 176-179, CC to ECC July 27, 1860 (ecstacy acc to Markus) - OV.pdf
Cushman discusses the consulship matter for Ned and in how far it is the right time to interfere. She tells Emma that she is trying to convince Wayman Crow that Ned will inherit a fortune, which makes him a better catch for Emma. Both want to advance…

Accounts of Charlotte Cushman's Life, Notes by Stebbins

CCP 15. 3990-4000. Account of CCs Life.pdf
This document is a collection of different quotes given by Charlotte Cushman before her death. It is supposedly written by Emma Stebbins and ranges from family history, childhood experiences, financial struggles, to early career ambitions and…

Emma Crow Cushman's Memoir about Charlotte Cushman: "A Memory" (1918)

CCP 15, 4019-4036 (ECC Memoir).pdf
Emma Crow Cushman emphasizes that she knew Charlotte Cushman "intimately." Emma and Charlotte met in 1858 when Charlotte brought two letters of introduction (by Hosmer and Kemble) to her father in St. Louis. Emma describes her as a "great artist and…

Letter from Frederick William Seward to Frances Miller Seward, Oct 18, 1863

Cushman is touring for the Sanitary Commission, Emma Crow Cushman is accompanying her. Credit Seward Family Digital Archive

Letter from Charlotte Cushman to Mary Cushman, April 17, 1845

CCP 1, 26-27, CC to mother 1845, April 17 (disapproval) - OV Omeka.pdf
The letter discusses an incident of "beastly conduct of a woman" who Charlotte once defended and called her "intimate friend." Charlotte fears being "implicated by any misrepresentation of hers." Charlotte hopes that her mother's "account was a…

Biographical sketch of Charlotte Cushman in The New York Dramatic Mirror (published after her death), including a "Hitherto Unpublished Letter"

TULSA_NY Dramatic Mirror. Review of Cushman career. n.d. but after 1876.pdf
This article in The New York Dramatic Mirror offers a short, yet laudatory summary of Cushman's theatrical achievements, praising her "stage life [as] one long triumph, covering a period of many years. Her private life was equally triumphant, as…

Letter from Charlotte Cushman to Emma Crow Cushman, Jan 30, 1863 [1864?]

CCP Box 2 1863 Jan 30.pdf
This letter seems to be a follow up of Jan 22, 1864, and hence have the wrong date. Instead of "1863," the letter is probably from 1864.Charlotte Cushman tells Emma Crow Cushman that she never shows her letters to anyone except for reading single…

Letter from Charles Cushman[?] to Emma Stebbins

LoC, CCP 8, 2499-2508, Letter from Charles Cushman to Emma Stebbins.pdf
First mentioned in the letter are Charlotte's first successes in Great Britain, of which Sally should be able to tell Stebbins more about. The sender, who could be Charles Cushman because he was in England with Charlotte in the 1840s and talks about…

Letter from Emma Stilwell to Charlotte Cushman, June 21, 1875

CCP 13, 3800-3802, Letter from Emma Stillwell to CC, June 21, 1875.pdf
Stilwell tells Cushman about her own childhood dreams of becoming an actress, growing up in a Methodist family. Being 31 now, she is teaching in a district school for meager wage and asks Charlotte for advise on how to proceed with an actig career…

Letter from Charlotte Cushman to Emma Crow, Jan 22, 1859

CCP 1, 106-107, CC to ECC, Jan 22, 1859.pdf
Charlotte Cushman apologizes to Emma again for not writing any sooner. Charlotte has been very busy due to social duties and troubled by the construction work in her house in Rome. Language barriers proved to be a serious issue in advancing the work.…