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"The Miss Cushmans", People's Journal, Vol 2, July 18, 1846

1846. People's Journal vol. 2. Biography.pdf
In this biographical article, Mary Howitt recounts events from Charlotte Cushman's life and emphasizes her personal virtues, her talent on stage and the struggles she faced in her career. She describes Cushman's long and painful struggle to success,…

Letter from Grace Greenwood to Mr. White, April 12, 1850

NYPL Misc. GG to Mr. White, April 12, 1850..pdf
Greenwood lets the addressee know that she is "more deeply interested in them [=distinguished people] by the representations of some common friends." Credit New York Public Library

Letter from Gace Greenwood to Mr. Welles, Dec 30, 1859

NYPL Misc. GG to Mr. Welles.pdf
Greenwood informs the addressee about the whereabouts of people she knows such as Sarah J. Hale and Mrs. Browning. Credit New York Public Library

Letter from Charlotte Cushman to Emma Crow Cushman, May 23, 1860

CCP 1, 147-152, CC to ECC May 23, 1860 (feelings to be hidden acc. to Markus) - OV.pdf
Cushman assures Emma Crow of her love for her. Cushman will travel from Paris to London soon and meet Crow in the accomodation arranged by Mr Fields, which Cushman, however, deems to be way too expensive. She touches upon the issue of protecting her…

Letter from Charlotte Cushman to Emma Crow Cushman, July 15, 1860

CCP 1, 172-173, CC to ECC July 15, 1860 (ecstacy acc to Markus) - OV.pdf
Cushman mentions Emma's "deep tender passionate love" for her. Cushman laments that she finds herself "constrained" in her action denied "free frank expression of love" for Emma, "for fear your of wounding & hurting others."She informs Emma about…

Letter from Mary Devlin Booth to Emma Crow Cushman, May 11, 1862

My dear friend Emma--[...] oh! I am so anxious to know what it is!--but believe me--you will love it just as well--if it is a boy--as though your wish for another Charlotte to be born, had been fulfilled-- [...]I wonder if your Aunty will pass…

Letter from Mary Devlin Booth to Emma Crow Cushman, Oct 4, 1861 (Excerpt)

My cherished friend[...] Your Aunty is ere this I presume at Rome--where no doubt cherie would like to be too; although I'm sure that you will find in Boston the right kind of society, as in everything 'stamped' Boston.--Your Grandma was to have…

Letter from Mary Devlin to Charlotte Cushman, Nov 4, 1858

Darling Miss Cushman,Need I tell you how grateful I am for your thought of me, and how pleased I was at your present, --suffice it is to say that through the politeness of Capt Leitch I received it safely and longed for your presence to kiss, and…

Letter from Frances Anne Kemble to Charlotte Cushman, n.d.

Duke Rubenstein Online. Kemble to CC.pdf
A social note from Frances (Fanny) Anne Kemble Credit Duke University Library, David M. Rubenstein Rare Book & Manuscript Library

Excerpts from Fanny Seward's Diary, 1863-1864, Cushman mentions

Fanny Seward writes about meeting Charlotte Cushman and Emma Crow Cushman. Fanny is very fond of Charlotte who gives her a ring, books, and many insights into the world of the theater. Several theater managers try to convince Cushman to play for them…