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"Bridgeport Gleanings," The Boston Advocate, Aug 28, 1886

BPL_The Boston Advocate_Aug 28 1886-4,5,8,9- Massachusetts Newspapers, 1704-1974 - MyHeritage. Bridgeport Gleanings.Episodes of Travel.pdf
An example of the column "Bridgeport Gleanings" in The Boston Advocate where the readers are informed about social and political affairs, religious events, and news about prominent members in the community. In this particular instance, the column…

"The Way of The World New School of Theology," Colored American Magazine, Dec 1, 1904

African American Periodicals, 1825-1995_gossip as bridging gap between races.pdf
This column with three entries reports on: the re-election of EC Morris as the president of the National Baptist Convention, the largest religious organization among persons of color, at its Austin session; the establishment of the "Frederick Douglas…

Cushman's "Lines" about Shakers (1853)

Cushman's Lines about Shakers (1853).pdf
Charlotte Cushman's lines introduce the book about Shakers which is supposed to reveal the truth about them in contrast to all the rumors that have been spread. Credit Hathi Trust

Anonymous Fan Letter

CCP Box 14 Fan letter.pdf
In this anonymous, undated letter, signed "a friend," a fan of Cushman professes her (?) admiration for the actress and then explains how she found solace in her faith. She recommends Cushman does the same. Credit Library of Congress, Charlotte…