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"Theatres, etc.", Era, Oct 10, 1847

1847. The Era. Resemblance Macready and Cushman, Absence of Beauty.pdf
This article contains a detailed review of Charlotte Cushman's perfomance as Lady Macbeth in the Princess' Theatre alongside William Macready. Cushman and Macready are compared on the basis of appearance and performance and Cushman is thoroughly…

"Poetry. Poetical Dedication of a Volume", Trewman's Exeter Flying Post or Plymouth and Cornish Advertiser, Nov 30, 1848

1848. Trewman's Exeter Flying Post or Plymouth and Cornish Advertiser. Poem on CC by Eliza Cook.pdf
This a poem written by Eliza Cook and dedicated to Charlotte Cushman from her volume of poems published that year.CreditThe British Library Newspapers,Gale Digital Collections

"Rogers (the poet) and the Misses Cushman", Northern Star, Dec 8, 1849

1849. The Northern Star. Why dont you marry your sister.pdf
This short entry concerns the rumours about Susan Cushman's wedding and Samuel Roger's wife's remark that the former should marry her sister Charlotte Cushman. Credit NCSE: Nineteenth-Century Serials Edition

"America", Preston Chronicle and Lancashire Advertiser, Oct 13, 1849

1849. Preston Chronicle. Cook with CC in US.pdf
This short entry, from the section in the newspaper about America, reports that Eliza Cook is visiting the United States with Charlotte Cushman.CreditThe British Library Newspapers,Gale Digital Collections

"A Real Romeo", Northern Star, Jan 9, 1847

1847. Northern Star, A Real Romeo, Jan 9, p. 3.pdf
This short entry reports on Susan Cushman's romantic attachment to a young Englishman from Liverpool. Credit NCSE: Nineteenth-Century Serials Edition

"The Misses Cushman", Manchester Times, Jan 22, 1847

1847. Manchester Times. Mary Howitts Article Sold as Memoir.pdf
This article contains the review of Charlotte and Susan Cushman's performances in Romeo and Juliet at the Theatre Royal in London and mentions a few other of Cushman's performances as comparison. It also reports that the biographical article written…

"'Brief Chronicler of the Times'", Manchester Times, May 14, 1847

1847. Manchester Times - CC said to be ill.pdf
This article reports on Charlotte Cushman's health, stating that she "lies dangerously ill at Chester", after injuring her spine on her journey from Belfast. CreditThe British Library Newspapers,Gale Digital Collections

"The Connoisseur", Northern Star, Aug 15, 1846

1846. The Northern Star, Cushman as Admired Actress, Aug 15.pdf
A short entry reviewing and advertising two articles containing a memoir of Charlotte Cushman.Credit NCSE: Nineteenth-Century Serials Edition

"Miss Cushman's Romeo", Era, June 21, 1846

1846. The Era. Shakespeare Second Class.pdf
This article is a detailed review of Charlotte Cushman's performance as Romeo. The critic expresses his dislike for the performance and deems it far from satisfactory. Cushman is criticized for failing to embody the youth and character of Romeo…

Sanitary Commission Performance, Sept 12, 1863

The Library Company of Philadelphia collects the following original wording from a document that advertises Cushman's performance. The document was found in a scrapbook:"Academy of Music. Benefit of the United States Sanitary Commission on Saturday…