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Letter from Charlotte Cushman to [Unknown], n.d.

NYPL Misc Papers, Cushman CC to unknown, n.d..pdf
In this letter to an unknown recipient, Charlotte Cushman apologizes and declines their invitation during her stay at Bayswater, London since she is very busy and has no "breathing time". She invites the recipient to her home and wishes them…

"Rome – Foreign Correspondence of the Boston Post," Boston Post, February 23, 1867

1867_Boston Post, Feb 23, 1867, p. 1 NewspaperArchive_Cushman Hosmer Rome Riding.pdf
A short excerpt from this long report on the US American art market in Rome – the part in which Hosmer and Cushman are described as expert riders whose muscular physique would make men envious – is subsequently reprinted in a number of newspapers,…

Letter from Charlotte Cushman to William Wetmore Story, May 31, 1858

CCP 16 misc CC to WW Story May 31 1858 Omeka.pdf
Charlotte Cushman orders a copy of one of Story's statuettes and asks about one of his poems for her to read. She also informs him about taking a break from stage and reading performances ("I want a long rest from public life") and her moving to Rome…

Letter from Charlotte Cushman to Emma Crow Cushman, Dec 12-13, 1862

CCP 2, 501-503, CC to ECC Dec 12-13 1862 Omeka.pdf
Charlotte Cushman faces "going out to my social duties as a sort of relief" from her illness (cold). Large parts of the letter address social gatherings and US American citizens in Rome, most of whom are "well bred."The actress is still haunted by…

Letter from Charlotte Cushman to Emma Crow Cushman, Dec 5-6, 1862

CCP 2, 496-500, CC to ECC Dec 5-6 1862.pdf
As Emma Crow Cushman is married and busy decorating and furnishing her house, Charlotte Cushman thinks nostalgically of more frequent and longer "old time letters." Repeatedly, Charlotte mentions that Emma's husband, and Charlotte's nephew and…

Letter from Charlotte Cushman to John Povey, Oct 17, 1847

NYPL, CC to John Povey, Oct 17, 1847. Omeka.pdf
Cushman discusses financial issues, theaters as potentially attracting "vulgar" audiences, the future of the US-American and English drama, Macready's rivalry with Edwin Forrest, newspaper reviews of her performances ("Have them copied when they will…

"Foreign Gossip," Detroit Free Press, June 7, 1869

1869. Detroit Free Press. Brewster Foreign Gossip- American Artists in Rome.pdf
"Foreign Gossip" is a column in theDetroit Free Press thatgives accounts of any political, cultural, or social news abroad. Anne Brewster has contributed reports from Rome as a correspondent.The included file only serves as an example illustration of…

"Our Artists in Rome," Public Ledger, Aug 16, 1876

1876. Public_Ledger. Our Artists in Rome.pdf
The article reprints a part of a Brewster article for the Boston Advertiser in which the journalist lists US-American artists who left Rome to spend the summer elsewhere. Brewster mentions Story and Tilton among others. Credit

"American Artists in Rome," Washington Union, March 26, 1853

1853. The_Washington_Union. American Artists in Rome.pdf
The Washington Union reprints part of a Greenwood article for the National Era. At the end, a passage on Gibson and Hosmer is added, which is transcribed here. Credit

"American Artists in Rome," Lippincott's Monthly Magazine, Feb 1869

1869. Lippincott. American Artists in Rome.pdf
The article starts with a graphic description of the Piazza di Spagna in a first-person plural narrative. It further includes passages on pieces of art in the studios that Brewster visited, buyers of portraits, reasons for purchases, the historical…

"Letter from Rome," Boston Daily Advertiser, April 29, 1871

Brewster, Anne. Letter from Rome. Boston Daily Advertiser, 29 Apr. 1871. - cf. Item 257, but too early.pdf
Brewster appears as the "regular correspondent" from the Boston Daily Advertiser contributing one of her letters from Rome. The article lists members of the deputation, describes architectural sites in Rome, gives an account of archeological…

"Miss Brewster," [New York Observer], [1881]

ABP 20 25 article on AB.pdf
The author describes Anne Brewster as a "well-known literary person[]" and a woman of "republican simplicity and cordiality" whose Monday afternoon receptions also attract "titled acquaintances."Brewsters work as a foreign correspondent has gained…

"American Artists in Rome," Mineral Point Tribune, July 20, 1871

1871 American artists in Rome.pdf
This reprint from the Boston Advertiser informs the public about the travels of American artists living in Rome. More reprints of this article can be found here, for instance. Credit Chronicling America

Obituary, Baltimore Sun, April 19, 1892

1892. Baltimore Sun. Obituary.pdf
Brewster's obituary praises her as a foreign correspondent of "rare accomplishments" with a much-frequented home in Rome. Credit

Letter from Grace Greenwood to James Fields, Dec 27, 1852

Huntington, JTFP, Box 40, FI 1781, SJL to JF, Dec 27, 1852.pdf
Greenwood has entrusted Dr. Hosmer with a letter to Fields upon his return to America, in which she reports how well she is doing in Italy. She is in good health and immensely enjoys the artistic society of Rome. She praises the Bennoch's hospitality…

"Angelic American Females Radiating at Rome," Daily Journal of Commerce, June 1, 1871

1871. Daily Journal of Commerce. Females at Rome.pdf
The article recounts a studio reception of the artist Healy from Brewster's perspective. Credit

"New Ornaments for Central Park," Burlington Free Press, June 19, 1869

1869. Burlington Free Press. Brewster about Stebbins Statue.pdf
This article reprints a passage written by Anne Brewster in the Philadelphia Bulletin which describes the process of Emma Stebbins creating her sculpture for the Central Park in New York. Credit

"American Artists in Rome," Boston Daily Evening Transcript, July 3, 1869

1869. Boston Daily Evening Transcript. American Artists in Rome.pdf
The reprint from the Philadelphia Bulletin gives insights into the expatriate community of American artists living and working in Rome. It relies on Brewster's own observations and hearsay. Credit

Daniel Holmes's Journal History of a Young Lady (1848-1851)

Mss .S477 .a diary entry on CC long. Omeka.pdf
The following information is provided by the Boston Athenaeum:"Journal describing his life as a merchant in New Orleans, and his young family, particularly the development of his first daughter, Georgine, and the birth, illness, and death of his…