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Letter from Charlotte Cushman to King, n.d.

Harvard MS Thr 130. CC to King about article.pdf
Cushman mocks the gendered criticism of her figure and riding skills. Credit Houghton Library

Greenwood's "Notes from over the Sea," New York Times, 1875 to 1883

In her column "Notes from over the Sea", published in the New York Times, Grace Greenwood reports on her travels outside of the United States. She comments on various events, such as art exhibitions, stage performances, and social receptions,…

C. W. Elliott's "One Woman's Work," The Galaxy, Feb 1869

1869. Galaxy Magazine. Woman Work by Elliot.pdf
In a dramatized biographical account, Elliott depicts a hard-working, ambitious Cushman and her rise to success. Elliott includes direct quotes, questions, exclamation marks, and behind-the scenes gossip which "[m]any will remember." The article…

Letter from Isa Blagden to Charlotte Cushman, July [1], 1869

LoC. Isa Blagden to CC. Vol 9.pdf
Isa Blagden regrets that Charlotte Cushman has been in bad health recently. She suggests that Cushman should have a blood transfusion to attempt to improve her condition and points out that Cushman's cancer may be inherited.Blagden has also enclosed…

Letter from Emma Stebbins to Emma Crow Cushman, Nov 23, 1874

LoC. Cushman 13-1-3.pdf
Stebbins writes that the newspapers have been writing "exaggerated reports" about Cushman, which have been causing her great anxiety. An unfavorable paragraph about Cushman will appear in the Cincinnati Enquirer the following morning, which they have…

"Housekeeping in Rome," Charleston Daily News, Dec 25, 1869

1869. Charleston News. Housekeeping in Rome. Omeka.pdf
Originally published in the Philadelphia Bulletin, Brewster writes about how to live comfortably in Rome, differentiating between more and less affluent people. The article gives a graphic "short sketch of life in Rome" and reads like a guide to an…

Reviews of St. Martin's Summer, Chicago Tribune, April 27, 1866

1866. Chicago Tribune. St Martins Summer Reviews. Omeka.pdf
The list of reviews from different periodicals praises Brewster as a "cultivated mind" and the book as a "record of feelings." Credit Chronicling America

"Personal," The Evening Star, July 1, 1880

1880. Evening Star. Brewster as salonniere.pdf
The Evening Star characterizes Anne Brewster as "the accomplished correspondent" and a salonnière at Rome, Palazzo Maldura. Next to the "Political Notes," there is a column of "Washington Gossip." Credit Chronicling America

Katherine C. Walker's "American Studios in Rome and Florence," Harper's New Monthly Magazine, June 1866

1866. Harpers Monthly. American Studios in Rome.pdf
The article praises a range of US-American artists living and working in Rome, among who Story, Hosmer, Tilton, and Hiram Powers can be found. It advertises their studios to potential US-American travelers who pass through Rome on their way and…

Greenwood's "Notes from over the Sea," New York Times, April 30, 1876

Greenwood reports on her travels through Italy. She fondly remembers her time with Cushman 23 years ago when the group of single ladies was referred to as the "happy family." Greenwood calls Cushman their "chaperone."At the beginning, Greenwood…