Letter from Charlotte Cushman to Mr. Harrington, July 15, 1840

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Letter from Charlotte Cushman to Mr. Harrington, July 15, 1840


Cushman, Charlotte Saunders, 1816-1876


Charlotte Cushman asks for "something theatrical of a good prose article" about one of Felicia Hemans's letters to be published in Burton's Magazine.


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Cushman, Charlotte Saunders, 1816-1876


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[page 1] My dear Mr Harrington
In looking over Mrs Hemans' the other day, an idea struck. me[?]. that a good article might be written, upon the following extracts: viz: "We came back to Abbotsford. where we were "to pass the remainder of the day. partly along "the Ettrick & partly through the Tweed: on the "way we were tacking of trees, in his love "which Sir Walter is a perfect Evelyn. — ["I men" missing] "-tioned to him. what I once spoke of to you "the different sounds they gave forth to the wind "which he had observed, and he asked me if[?] "I did not think. that an [sic] union of music "poetry, varying in measure & expression. might[?] "in some degree imitate or represent those 'voices "of the trees'. & he described, to me some highland "music. of a similar initation character: called "the notes of sea. birds!— Mrs Hemans' Letters.

[page 2] "If I were an enchantress I would certainly put a spell and a voice in all the trees, & streams & flowers. and make them say the prettiest thing imaginable about me to those in whom I am interested.—" I.bid. "_______________ the soft winds wake, Till every string of Nature's solemn lyre Is touched to answer its most secred tone Drawn from each tree, for each hath whispers all its own"— "Forest Sanctuary." I think. to make a sonnet or verse upon each tree & so set them to music. would be a good idea. Will you let me hear from you about it. whether or no it is possible. I want something for the August number of "Burton's Magazine" something theatrical of a good prose article. I shall be in town, on Saturday. 18th & Wednesday 22d. pray let me hear from you. I am, no sincerity most truly Yours

Charlotte Cushman


Cushman, Charlotte Saunders, 1816-1876


Belleville, NJ, US

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