Letter from Charlotte Cushman to Elizabeth Palmer Peabody, Nov 20, 1872

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Letter from Charlotte Cushman to Elizabeth Palmer Peabody, Nov 20, 1872


Actors and Actresses--US American
Cushman, Charlotte Saunders, 1816-1876


Charlotte Cushman allows Elizabeth Palmer Peabody to use Cushman's name if Peabody thinks that "will carry any weight." Cushman also mentions a fire that "interrupted" her engagement.


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Cushman, Charlotte Saunders, 1816-1876


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[page 1] Dear friend ever since I recd your note. I have been to busy to answer it. & Even now can only scratch a line — I do not get time to rest — with the many calls upon me. & all whom I love have to wait until others are served who "rush in" where others 'fear to head'. Do exactly what you like — dear — with my tickets. send them with my +++ to the member of the committee, if you think my name will carry any weight. I will send you the money in a couple of weeks. through my friend Mr Pray — on whom you can call for it after that time [last three words inserted] at 311. Washington Street I was so mortified that Mr Pray neglected to carry out my order about the +++ for the Theater last Saturday but he had been so worried & driven by the circumstances of the fire that

[page 2] I excused his forgetfulness. The tickets you did have had been taken for some one else. but I am very glad you got even the two you did — but you ought to have had as many as you wished & if Mr Pray had been at his store, he would have arranged it very easily. I finish this engagt — which has been so desastrously interrupted by the fire — on Saturday pm — if you like to have a laugh. will you not come in or send me word & I will send you another order, which will save trouble I have here on Tuesday morning for Albany. Can you not contrive[?] to see me before I go Love to Mrs Mann[?] ever affy Yours

Charlotte Cushman


Cushman, Charlotte Saunders, 1816-1876


Peabody, Elizabeth Palmer, 1804-1894


Evans House, Boston, MA, US

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Cushman, Charlotte Saunders, 1816-1876, “Letter from Charlotte Cushman to Elizabeth Palmer Peabody, Nov 20, 1872,” Archival Gossip Collection, accessed March 26, 2023, https://archivalgossip.com/collection/items/show/967.

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