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Letter from Manning Leonard to Emma Stebbins, Nov 29, 1876

CCP 12, 3521-3523, Leonard to ES, Nov 29, 1876 - OV.pdf
Stebbins' illness prevents her from writing the memoir about her "dear friend." Apparently, she asked Leonard to help her collect more information about Cushman's life. Manning suspects that Stebbins has Cushman's paper which "will fill many gaps."…

Letter from Charlotte Cushman to Emma Crow Cushman, May 23, 1860

CCP 1, 147-152, CC to ECC May 23, 1860 (feelings to be hidden acc. to Markus) - OV.pdf
Cushman assures Emma Crow of her love for her. Cushman will travel from Paris to London soon and meet Crow in the accomodation arranged by Mr Fields, which Cushman, however, deems to be way too expensive. She touches upon the issue of protecting her…

Letter from Charlotte Cushman to Emma Crow Cushman, May 3, 1860

CCP Box 1 CC to ECC May 3, 1860 (feelings to be hidden acc. to Markus).pdf
This letter is particularly hard to read since it was written in pencil.Cushman will meet Emma in a hotel in Paris. She goes over detailed travel arrangements.Cushman and Emma Crow hope for a future that allows them to be together as much as…

Letter from Charlotte Cushman to Emma Crow Cushman, July 15, 1860

CCP 1, 172-173, CC to ECC July 15, 1860 (ecstacy acc to Markus) - OV.pdf
Cushman mentions Emma's "deep tender passionate love" for her. Cushman laments that she finds herself "constrained" in her action denied "free frank expression of love" for Emma, "for fear your of wounding & hurting others."She informs Emma about…

Emma Stebbins Obituaries

Emma Stebbins Tribute.jpg
Obituaries taken from Emma Stebbins scrapbook: Scrapbook inluding photographs of Stebbins, her dogs, and her sculpture, a sketch of Stebbins with her dog, clippings, and biographical notes. Compiled by Mary Stebbins Garland, Emma Stebbin's sister.The…

"Personal Intelligence," The New York Herald, July 8, 1860

1860_New York Herald. Mention of Cushman with Stebbins + sculptures.pdf
Emma Stebbins is described as Charlotte Cushman's "friend." The article infroms the reader about three works of Stebbins among which is the bust of Cushman. Credit 19th Century U.S. Newspapers

"Memories of Three Great Women," New-York Tribune, Jul 21, 1890

1890. New York Tribune. Lenox Life of Homser, Cushmann, Stebbins..pdf
The article shares some memories of the private and artistic lives of Charlotte Cushman, Emma Stebbins, and Harriet Hosmer. Emma Stebbins is mentioned as Charlotte's "friend" and "sharer in [...] artistic aims and pleasures" who "shared an…

Letter from Charlotte Cushman to Unknown [Rosalie Sully], Glasgow, Nov 30, [1845]

CCP 7, 2304-2306, CC to Unknown.pdf
Charlotte Cushman laments the "restrained expression" of the addressee in letters addressed to Charlotte. She met the addressee when the latter was 18 years old. The addressee has blue eyes and Cushman repeatedly assures the addressee of her love.…

Letter from Charlotte Cushman to Unknown [Rosalie Sully], Nov 21, [1845]

CCP 7, 2299-2302, CC to Unknown.pdf
Charlotte Cushman is probably writing to Rosalie Sully here, since Charlotte is working in Great Britain and spending time with Eliza Cook. She repeatedly confesses her love to the addressee. They cannot show their intimacy publicly and Cushman can…

Letter from Kate Field to Emma Crow, July 10, 1860

CCP 11, 3300-3301, Field, Kate to CC and ES, July 10, 1860.pdf
Field admits her disappointment in not being able to see Romeo (referring to Charlotte Cushman) and her Juliet. She addresses Cushman with the pronoun 'he.' In a witty account, Field teases Crow about her age, heritage, and appearance. Field…