"Charlotte Cushman," San Francisco Evening Bulletin, Dec 1, 1870

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"Charlotte Cushman," San Francisco Evening Bulletin, Dec 1, 1870


The article is a reprint from the New York World and informs about where Cushman used to live in Rome, where she is currently staying at, in New York with her sister Susan Cushman, who, however, had already died in 1859. Cushman is about to establish a permanent home in Newport. Emma Stebbins is called a "friend" who accompanies her.


19th Century U.S. Newspapers


San Francisco Evening Bulletin, reprint from the New York World (Nov 22, 1870)


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CHARLOTTE CUSHMAN.--Miss Charlotte Cushman arrived in New York last Thursday on the Scotia, and the Globe of this city learns that she has come to the United States with the intention of making it her future residence, and spending the rest of her days in her native land. Sometime ago she broke up her magnificient establishment at No. 38 Via Gregoriana, Rome, disposing of her house and selling her +++ stud of horses. She hated to part with her horses, as she is very fond of them. Spending some time at Edinburgh, under medical treatment, she now finds herself in very good health, with the exception of looking a little thinner in the face. she has hardly changed during the past five years. She is now stopping with a relative, Mrs. Susan Cushman, of 128 East Sixteenth street, New York, where she remains for a few days, when she comes to this city to visit friends. Miss Cushman came to this country street from the great water-cure, Malvern, England. She was accompanied by her friend, Miss Emma Stebbins. Miss Cushman intends to make Newport her future place of residence, but it is doubtful if she will go there until the next season opens.--N.Y. World, Nov. 22d


San Francisco, CA, US

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