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Harriet Hosmer's "The Doleful Ditty of the Roman Caffe Greco"

Doleful Ditty from Carr_Harriet Hosmer.pdf
Hosmer writes a "witty" poem, as Cornelia Carr describes it in her edition of Hosmer's letters, about the patriarchal culture of male sculptors in Rome. The poem is published in the New York Evening Post in the summer of 1864. Credit Internet…

Letter from Charlotte Cushman to King, n.d.

Harvard MS Thr 130. CC to King about article.pdf
Cushman mocks the gendered criticism of her figure and riding skills. Credit Houghton Library

"Rome – Foreign Correspondence of the Boston Post," Boston Post, February 23, 1867

1867_Boston Post, Feb 23, 1867, p. 1 NewspaperArchive_Cushman Hosmer Rome Riding.pdf
A short excerpt from this long report on the US American art market in Rome – the part in which Hosmer and Cushman are described as expert riders whose muscular physique would make men envious – is subsequently reprinted in a number of newspapers,…

Letter from Charlotte Cushman to Emma Crow Cushman, Dec 5-6, 1862

CCP 2, 496-500, CC to ECC Dec 5-6 1862.pdf
As Emma Crow Cushman is married and busy decorating and furnishing her house, Charlotte Cushman thinks nostalgically of more frequent and longer "old time letters." Repeatedly, Charlotte mentions that Emma's husband, and Charlotte's nephew and…

Letter from Charlotte Cushman to George Combe, Nov 21, 1845

NLS, ms7275, 28, Charlotte Cushman to George Combe, Nov 21, 1845.pdf
Cushman presents herself as shocked and surprised at the "gross motive [that] might be attributed" to her performance of Romeo on stage together with her sister Susan: "your hints have only plunged me into trouble — for I find the subject, in a new…

Letter from Charlotte Cushman to Mr. Child, June 23, 1871

CC to Mr Child, June 23, 1871.pdf
Cushman was pleased by students' speeches at the commencement at Vassar College. In this context, she adds her thoughts on women's suffrage:"I want every woman & every man who earns the money which pays hers [sic] or his rent & knows how to…

Letter from Charlotte Cushman to Hanson A. Risley, July 2, 1869

CC to Mr Risley, July 2, 1869.pdf
Charlotte Cushman finds herself in a "poor & nervous state of health" and seeks treatment in England. She turns to Risley for business advice submitting to gender steretypes: "I can not know so much about business as if I were a man."She also…

"Fashions," Godey's Lady's Book, Jan 1851 to Sep 1892

"Fashions" is a column in Godey's Lady's Book that offers fashion advice for young girls and women alike, and recounts the latest trends, which are often exemplified by detailed illustrations. This column precedes the column "Godey's Fashions";…

"Poetry," Godey's Lady's Book, Jan 1858 to Jan 1885

"Poetry" is a column in Godey's Lady's Book that includes various poems, words of wisdom, and advice on social etiquette.The included file only serves as an example illustration of the column. Credit HathiTrust Digital Library

"Fashion, Fact, and Fancy," Godey's Lady's Book, Aug 1895 to Jan 1897

Fashion, Fact and Fancy.pdf
"Fashion, Fact, and Fancy" is a column in Godey's Lady's Book that, similarly to "Godey's Fashions", demonstrates the latest local and international fashion trends, exemplified by detailed illustrations. The column references historic as well as…