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Letter from Charlotte Cushman to Emma Crow Cushman, Aug 22, 1869

CCP 4, 1165-1185, CC to ECC 1869 August (1)-7-9.pdf
Cushman's leg is slowly getting better yet is still swollen and inflamed. She offers a home remedy for toothache for Emma's baby.Ned is returning to Boston on August 31. Cushman advises him to borrow money upon his return as the conversion from gold…

Letter from Charlotte Cushman to Emma Crow Cushman, Aug 1869

CCP 4, 1165-1185, CC to ECC 1869 August (1)-20-21.pdf
Cushman is delighted about Ned's letter as "his reasoning is clear, wise and sensible." She has put on her corsets, which give her a lot of support but cause some pain across her chest. Credit Library of Congress, Charlotte Cushman Papers,…

Greenwood's "Notes from over the Sea," New York Times, 1875 to 1883

In her column "Notes from over the Sea", published in the New York Times, Grace Greenwood reports on her travels outside of the United States. She comments on various events, such as art exhibitions, stage performances, and social receptions,…

Letter from Charlotte Cushman to Emma Crow Cushman, June 29, 1869

CCP 4, 1134-1143, CC to ECC 1869 June-12-14.pdf
Cushman has received an important business note from Wayman Crow, who is shaken by his sister's death. She hopes that Ned will ease his anxieties by taking on some of his work. Cushman also asks Emma to send her Longfellows' translation of…

C. W. Elliott's "One Woman's Work," The Galaxy, Feb 1869

1869. Galaxy Magazine. Woman Work by Elliot.pdf
In a dramatized biographical account, Elliott depicts a hard-working, ambitious Cushman and her rise to success. Elliott includes direct quotes, questions, exclamation marks, andbehind-the scenes gossip which "[m]any will remember." The article…

"Women Discuss Gossip," The Freeman, May 2, 1908

Freeman_1908_Women Discuss Gossip.pdf
"Women Discuss Gossip" is a column in the Freemanthat recounts and comments on the latest political, cultural and social news.The included file only serves as an example illustration of the column. Credit Readex

"Fashion and Gossip," Flag of Our Union, Jan 12, 1867 to May 14, 1870

Flag of our Union. 1868. Fashion and Gossip (telegram style).pdf
"Fashion and Gossip" is a column inFlag of Our Union that recounts the most recent fashion trends for women as well as the latest home and foreign gossip, ranging from local marriage arrangements to news about prominent figures from abroad.The…

Ladies Home Journal

Ladies Home Journal.pdf
Ladies Home Journal is a monthly American women's magazine first published by the Curtis Publishing Company of Philadelphia in 1883. Besides short and serial fictional stories, the magazine is devoted to any issues related to home life. It contains…

Good Housekeeping

Good Housekeeping.pdf
Good Housekeeping is an American women's magazine first published in Massachusetts in 1885. The magazine aims "to produce and perpetuate perfection [...] as may be attained in the household" and provides its readers with recipes, health advice, and…


Cosmopolitanis an American women's magazine launched by the Schlicht & Field Company in 1886. It focuses on issues related to fashion, household decor, cooking, and other domestic interests. Over the years, serialized fiction, book reviews,…