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Letter from Charlotte Cushman to Emma Crow Cushman, Dec 12-13, 1862

CCP 2, 501-503, CC to ECC Dec 12-13 1862 Omeka.pdf
Charlotte Cushman faces "going out to my social duties as a sort of relief" from her illness (cold). Large parts of the letter address social gatherings and US American citizens in Rome, most of whom are "well bred."The actress is still haunted by…

Letter from Charlotte Cushman to Emma Crow Cushman, Dec 5-6, 1862

CCP 2, 496-500, CC to ECC Dec 5-6 1862.pdf
As Emma Crow Cushman is married and busy decorating and furnishing her house, Charlotte Cushman thinks nostalgically of more frequent and longer "old time letters." Repeatedly, Charlotte mentions that Emma's husband, and Charlotte's nephew and…

Letter from Charlotte Cushman to George Combe, Nov 23, 1845

NLS, ms7275, 28, Charlotte Cushman to George Combe, Nov 23, 1845.pdf
Cushman has received a favorable reply from George Combe in which he calmed her down in terms of the reputational damage that Combe implied in his first letter to the actress which put her in distress earlier. Credit National Library of Scotland

Letter from Charlotte Cushman to George Combe, Nov 21, 1845

NLS, ms7275, 28, Charlotte Cushman to George Combe, Nov 21, 1845.pdf
Cushman presents herself as shocked and surprised at the "gross motive [that] might be attributed" to her performance of Romeo on stage together with her sister Susan: "your hints have only plunged me into trouble — for I find the subject, in a new…

Letter from Charlotte Cushman to John Povey, Oct 17, 1847

NYPL, CC to John Povey, Oct 17, 1847. Omeka.pdf
Cushman discusses financial issues, theaters as potentially attracting "vulgar" audiences, the future of the US-American and English drama, Macready's rivalry with Edwin Forrest, newspaper reviews of her performances ("Have them copied when they will…

"Fashions," Godey's Lady's Book, Jan 1851 to Sep 1892

"Fashions" is a column in Godey's Lady's Book that offers fashion advice for young girls and women alike, and recounts the latest trends, which are often exemplified by detailed illustrations. This column precedes the column "Godey's Fashions";…

"Fashion, Fact, and Fancy," Godey's Lady's Book, Aug 1895 to Jan 1897

Fashion, Fact and Fancy.pdf
"Fashion, Fact, and Fancy" is a column in Godey's Lady's Book that, similarly to "Godey's Fashions", demonstrates the latest local and international fashion trends, exemplified by detailed illustrations. The column references historic as well as…

Letter from Charlotte Cushman to Elizabeth Palmer Peabody, July 23, 1869

MHS_Horace Mann Papers_7-23-1869 Cushman letter.pdf
Cushman tells Peabody about the discovery of a lump in her breast, her anxieties, and treatment after consulting several doctors. Cushman is afraid that her public image may suffer if she cannot pursue her social duties, such as responding to the…

Letter from Charlotte Cushman to Edwin Cushman, Aug 23, 1869

pdf24_zusammengefügt (3).pdf
Cushman reprimands Ned for his carelessness in regard to writing his letters and paying the postage.She has read Clanson's letter and approves his business proposal. However, he advises Ned to write Clanson another letter and ask Mr. Crow to obtain a…

Greenwood's "Notes from over the Sea," New York Times, 1875 to 1883

In her column "Notes from over the Sea", published in the New York Times, Grace Greenwood reports on her travels outside of the United States. She comments on various events, such as art exhibitions, stage performances, and social receptions,…

Letter from Charlotte Cushman to Emma Crow Cushman, Oct 4, 1865

CCP 3, Cushman correspondence 1865 15-17.pdf
Cushman has been feeling physically weaker and her disappointment in various people has added to her suffering. Especially Emma Stebbins' infidelity has affected her and only Emma Cushman's love has "[kept her] above drowning."Upon her arrival in…

Letter from Charlotte Cushman to Emma Crow Cushman, June 28, 1869

CCP 4, 1134-1143, CC to ECC 1869 June-4-11.pdf
Cushman responds to Emma’s previous letters, expressing how much pain they have caused her. She is shocked that Emma would expect Cushman to tarnish her reputation so willingly. A "poor old worlded woman" exerted "pressure of her stupid little will"…

C. W. Elliott's "One Woman's Work," The Galaxy, Feb 1869

1869. Galaxy Magazine. Woman Work by Elliot.pdf
In a dramatized biographical account, Elliott depicts a hard-working, ambitious Cushman and her rise to success. Elliott includes direct quotes, questions, exclamation marks, and behind-the scenes gossip which "[m]any will remember." The article…

Ladies Home Journal

Ladies Home Journal.pdf
Ladies Home Journal is a monthly American women's magazine first published by the Curtis Publishing Company of Philadelphia in 1883. Besides short and serial fictional stories, the magazine is devoted to any issues related to home life. It contains…

Harper’s Bazaar

b4078e7d28053d1396684f474efe33e5 (2) (1).pdf
Harper's Bazaar is an American magazine founded by Harper & Brothers in New York in 1867. On the cover of its inaugural issue, the magazine describes itself as "a repository of fashion, pleasure, and instruction."Inspired by the Berlin magazine…

Godey's Lady's Book

Godey's Lady's Book.pdf
Godey's Lady's Book, later known as Godey's Magazine, is an American magazine devoted to women's issues and is first published by L.A. Godey in 1830 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.In 1837, Sarah Josepha Hale becomes the editor of Godey's Lady's Book.…

"Godey's Fashions," Godey's Lady's Book, Oct 1892 to Dec 1897

Godey's Fashions (1).pdf
"Godey's Fashions" is a column in Godey's Lady's Book that demonstrates the latest fashion trends for women, exemplified by various, partially colored, portrait plates and detailed illustrations. The portraits often consist of some of society’s…

Haps and Mishaps Review, London Athenaeum, Nov 18, 1854

1854. London Athenaeum. Haps and Mishaps Review. Nov 18.pdf
The reviewer belittles Greenwood's admiring accounts of well-known people in her Haps and Mishaps of a Tour in Europe. The author criticizes her for misinterpreting certain conversations. Credit Hathi Trust

Letter from Grace Greenwood to James Fields, Nov 1, 1853

Huntington, JTFP, Box 41, FI 1791, SJL to JF, Nov 1, 1853.pdf
Greenwood asks Fields for more money because she wants to make a few purchases "necessary [...] to keep up a respectable bridal appearance." She does not want to ask her husband as he is busy with The Little Pilgrim.Greenwood informs Fields that she…

Letter from Charlotte Cushman to Emma Crow Cushman, June 1861

CCP 1, 275-284, CC to ECC 1861 June.pdf
Cushman reprimands Emma for ruining her best clothes and advises her to be more cautious in the future. She praises the photographs that have been taken of Ned and Emma, Sallie, and herself, especially the profile pictures. Credit Library of…