Letter from Grace Greenwood to James Fields, Nov 1, 1853

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Letter from Grace Greenwood to James Fields, Nov 1, 1853


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Lippincott, Sara Jane (pseudonym: Grace Greenwood), 1832-1904
Fields, James Thomas, 1817-1881


Greenwood asks Fields for more money because she wants to make a few purchases "necessary [...] to keep up a respectable bridal appearance." She does not want to ask her husband as he is busy with The Little Pilgrim.
Greenwood informs Fields that she and her husband intend to advertise more extensively as advised by their publishers Deacon and Peterson. They both expect to profit greatly from 20,000 further copies that will be published by November.
Greenwood also recounts her husband's disapproval of Fields sending her more money as she does not require any more clothing. But Greenwood begs to differ as she is in need of a new dress, bonnet, and cloak. Lastly, she asks if Fields has received the money for her letters from Peterson.


Huntington Library, James Thomas Fields Papers and Addenda


Lippincott, Sara Jane (pseudonym: Grace Greenwood), 1832-1904


Huntington, JTFP, Box 41, FI 1791





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[page 4 - contained on the first scanned page] says that were he not afraid of your sending or +++ him your bill for all very +++, he would forbid your furnishing me with any more money. He says to I "dont [sic]need any more clothes". but dont [sic] believe him for I must have a new bonnet and cloak and particularly, a new dress, to take +++ place of one which was +++ on the voyage. Love to dear Ticknor
Good night - Ever truly yours - Grace.

[page 1] Dear Mr. Fields. Yours of the +++ has just reached me. the proof sheets +++ +++ come to and I write to night to ask a favor of you. - If you
have received [?] that many favors [?] the +++ +++ & will you be so good as to send it to me? I know that I owe it and "lots more" to the esteemable +++ of Ticknor Reed and Fields but just now, I think

[page 2] I need the "time [?]" more than you do. - I want to make a few purchases which I consider quite necessary in order to keep up a respectable bridal appearance and I dont [sic] want to ask my husband for the money, as he is putting all he can +++ +++ into " the little Pilgrim." We are about to advertise more extensive by then we have got +++ - and +++ +++ +++, as advised by

[page 3] Deacon and Peterson, who print for us, to publish 20,000 copies of our December +++ by the middle of Nov - and send them all over the +++, to the post offices +++. By such an outlay how we are assured we shall profit greatly in the course of a few months. Have +++ +++ to thank you for the nice +++ in "The Transcript." Leander bids me +++ you the assurance of his +++ regards, and

[page 1 added vertically] Have you received the money for my letters from Peterson? I have +++ for [?] +++ to [?] +++.


Lippincott, Sara Jane (pseudonym: Grace Greenwood), 1832-1904


Fields, James Thomas, 1817-1881


Philadelphia, PA, US

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Lippincott, Sara Jane (pseudonym: Grace Greenwood), 1832-1904, “Letter from Grace Greenwood to James Fields, Nov 1, 1853,” Archival Gossip Collection, accessed March 4, 2024, https://archivalgossip.com/collection/items/show/720.

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