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Letter from Charlotte Cushman to Mary Devlin Booth, Nov. 1, 1860

Mary Booth has left New York for Philadelphia with her "boy" Edwin without saying goodbye to Cushman. Mary proposed the idea of acting with Edwin to Cushman who considers the benefits of the arrangement. She suggests that her fame in New York could…

Letter from Charlotte Cushman to Sarah Josepha Hale, Sep 22, 1830

JLP 5 Copied Correspondance.pdf
Harold Moulton sends photostatic copies of two autographed letters to Lorenz in this correspondence. For the transcription of the second letter, see Item 1020.The first letter is from Charlotte Cushman to Mrs Sarah J. Hale, Editor of “Lady’s Book”…

"Our Literary Women" and "Personal," The Freeman, Jan 5, 1889

1889_Freeman__January_5_1889_Literary Colored Women of America.pdf
This excerpt from The Freeman shows, on the left, a feature on "The Literary Colored Women of America" written by Gertrude Mossell (including illustrations of Josephine Heard, Ida B. Wells, Mary Ella Mossell, and Francis Ellen Watkins Harper) and, on…

Letter from Charlotte Cushman to George Combe, Nov 21, 1845

NLS, ms7275, 28, Charlotte Cushman to George Combe, Nov 21, 1845.pdf
Cushman presents herself as shocked and surprised at the "gross motive [that] might be attributed" to her performance of Romeo on stage together with her sister Susan: "your hints have only plunged me into trouble — for I find the subject, in a new…

Letter from Charlotte Cushman to C. Adams, Apr 19, 1850 [?]

NYPL Misc Papers MssCol 9069 Cushman letters misc Apr 19, 1850.pdf
Charlotte Cushman asks a Mr. Adams to release her from her contract, since April proves to be an unfortunate time for performances in terms of revenue and people attending. Credit New York Public Library

Letter from Charlotte Cushman to Elizabeth Palmer Peabody, July 23, 1869

MHS_Horace Mann Papers_7-23-1869 Cushman letter.pdf
Cushman tells Peabody about the discovery of a lump in her breast, her anxieties, and treatment after consulting several doctors. Cushman is afraid that her public image may suffer if she cannot pursue her social duties, such as responding to the…

Letter from Emma Stebbins to Emma Crow Cushman, Nov 23, 1874

LoC. Cushman 13-1-3.pdf
Stebbins writes that the newspapers have been writing "exaggerated reports" about Cushman, which have been causing her great anxiety. An unfavorable paragraph about Cushman will appear in the Cincinnati Enquirer the following morning, which they have…

"Letters from the Capital," National Era, Jan 15, 1852

1852. National Era. Letter from the Capital.pdf
An example of one of Greenwood's letters reporting about the political life in Washington DC Credit

"Letters from the Capital," National Era, Feb 13, 1851

1851. National Era. Letter from the Capital.pdf
An example of one of Greenwood's letters reporting about the political life in Washington DC Credit

Record of the Metropolitan Fair in Aid of the United States Sanitary Commission Held at New York in April 1864

1864. Metropolitan Fair US Sanitary Commission excerpt. Omeka.pdf
The excerpt praises Cushman's performance of "Macbeth" together with Edwin Booth retrospectively""It was perhaps the most memorable of all the public performances given to the Sanitary Commission."The record ispublished in 1867, three years after the…

Daniel Holmes's Journal History of a Young Lady (1848-1851)

Mss .S477 .a diary entry on CC long. Omeka.pdf
The following information is provided by the Boston Athenaeum:"Journal describing his life as a merchant in New Orleans, and his young family, particularly the development of his first daughter, Georgine, and the birth, illness, and death of his…

Letter from Elizabeth Barrett and Robert Browning to Anna Brownell Jameson, Feb 4, 1847

The Brownings inform Jameson that "Miss Cushman means to be imperious about Mr Chorley’s tragedy .. the ‘Duchess Eleanor’" Credit Armstrong Browning Library - The Browning Letters

Letter from Charlotte Cushman to Mrs. Clevland [Clinland?/Clenland?], Oct 2, 1871

Facing a return to the stage, Cushman finds herself very busy again. She hardly participates in social gatherings anymore. However, she is willing to make an exception for a critic from the Tribune. Credit Armstrong Browning Library - Victorian…

Annie Fields's James T. Fields. Biographical Notes and Personal Sketches (1881)

Annie Fields_Biographical Notes and Personal Sketches (1881) short.pdf
Annie Fields mentions Cushman "a woman of great energy and ability" who aimed at "forwarding her own plans or those of others in whom she was interested." Credit Hathi Trust

Greenwood Leaves, Second Series, 1852

Greenwood Leaves - Omeka.pdf
Greenwood publishes her letters in a second series of her Greenwood Leaves.For instance, letter no. 12 is published in the National Era, Sept 23, 1852.The first series was published two years earlier, in 1850. Credit

Letter from Grace Greenwood to John G. Whittier, Sept 9, 1849

NYPL Misc. GG to friend. Sept 9, 1849..pdf
Greenwood writes to Whittier about her Greenwood Leaves, the first series is about to be published by Ticknor & Fields. She laments that she is only allowed to include stories but no letters. Ticknor and Fields, however, offered her to publish a…

Letter from Charlotte Cushman to Sarah Anderton [?], Feb 1, [no year]

CCP 7, 2219-2222, 2245-2248, 2314-2317, CC to Sanderton, Feb 1, [no year] - OV.pdf
Cushman has not been able to write to Anderton as she has been "crowded with visitors." She grows tired of having to follow etiquette "while [her] head & heart are aching." Her employment is renewed until Feb 27, afterward, she will travel to…

Letter from Charlotte Cushman to Sarah Anderton [?], June 15, [no year]

CCP 7, 2219-2222, 2245-2248, 2314-2317, CC to Sanderton, June 15, [no year] - OV.pdf
Cushman exchanges poems with Anderton and praises her writing. She has reunited with Eliza Cook, who is disappointed that Cushman is so preoccupied with her engagements.Cushman comments on the poor behavior of Mr. S. [Stamnes?] and states that she…

Accounts of Charlotte Cushman's Life, Notes by Stebbins

CCP 15. 3990-4000. Account of CCs Life.pdf
This document is a collection of different quotes given by Charlotte Cushman before her death. It is supposedly written by Emma Stebbins and ranges from family history, childhood experiences, financial struggles, to early career ambitions and…