Letter from Emma Stebbins to Dennis Alward, April 12, 1878

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Letter from Emma Stebbins to Dennis Alward, April 12, 1878


Cushman, Charlotte Saunders, 1816-1876
Stebbins, Emma, 1815-1882


Emma Stebbins mentions her financial concerns as she has been "cut off, with all the annuitants — by the estate stopping payment for six months." Stebbins hopes "to make a little something out of the Book" referring to the biography of Charlotte Cushman that is about to be published.


Houghton Library


Stebbins, Emma, 1815-1882


Harvard Theatre Collection, Houghton Library, MS Thr 130





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[page 1] My Dear Alward.
your letter has been neglected for a reason you will appreciate when I tell you that on Monday I took the Book to Boston, and delivered it over for publication — and now I feel as I +++ to do when I got off a statue – like a soft +++ crab — at the mercy of everything! It will come out by the middle of May — and you must do your best by me and it — get its sale is a matter of great importance to me and John — I dont [sic] know if I ever told you how I have been cut off, with all the annuitants — by the estate stopping payment for six months — but Mary Martin[?]

[page 1 reverse] knew all abut [sic] it, and must have told you. so I am hoping to make a little something out of the Book, I have been here now more than five weeks, — having an excellent quiet time, and working to good advantage with Sallie to take care of me — and fortunately in better health than I have been — You heard of the terrible affair in the Crow family. Emma has been absent at St Louis —  all the time I have been here — except one week — Ned remained to take charge of the body. and convey it on — Emma is now on her journey home and we expect her tomorrow night. — I shall then return to New York — Where we have

[page 2] to break up housekeeping — and get to +++ +++ on the 1st of May. Mr Garland's health continues to decline. We have had very bad weather here all this month — and a heavy storm is now raging — The boys wrote me of your kind invitation to them and their reget that they were not able to accept it. They seem to be going along all right — I am so much obliged to you for thinkig of them poor lovely fellows: — Sallie is well, and always heard of you and yours with interest. She begs to be remembered. — I hope this will find all well and flourishing — yours faithfully —

[page 2 reverse] I have received my first proof sheets this morning. —


Stebbins, Emma, 1815-1882


Villa Cushman, Newport, RI, US

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Emma Stebbins
Biographer of Charlotte Cushman [added in pencil at the beginning of the letter]

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