Letter from Sallie Mercer to Dennis Alward, Dec 26, 1884

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Letter from Sallie Mercer to Dennis Alward, Dec 26, 1884


Cushman, Charlotte Saunders, 1816-1876
Mercer, Sallie


Sallie Mercer grieves over Charlotte Cushman's death and shares fond memories of Cushman's "Angel's wings" and her smile. She reports family business of the Crows/Cushmans and writes about Christmas presents.


Houghton Library


Mercer, Sallie


Harvard Theatre Collection, Houghton Library, MS Thr 130





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[page 1] Dear Mr 'Alward' I did not get time to thank you yesterday for your most kind xmas letter and for the useful gift which accompanied it. I am deeply touched with your kindness and thank you most sincerely for your thought of my unceasing need. you well know how after I am called upon for others for a piece of

[page 1 reverse] +++. I am grieved indeed to hear you have been suffering so with your Face. I sympathise with you ever the Picture you so plainly draw of your lovely home. life has been very hard for you with[?] your loving nature. and well do I understand what you miss in the loss of dear Miss Cushman only those who have lived under the shelter of her Angel's wings can know. while she was here all was so different while there

[page 2] was her smile to reward every litte effort far beyond its worth. these anniversarys [sic] that come around so quickly fill me with wonder as I look back and reflect how barren and lonely life has been since she left us. who knows. +++ what the dear one is after near you? This is one of that greatest comforts I have is the belief that she as near me sometimes and helping me too[?] I often live over a conversation dear Miss Stebbins and I had a few days before. she passed

[page 2 reverse] into that silent land I can see her now so +++ lying on her couch as she told me she would give +++ dear one a good account of me. but I must not write this on this subject or I will fill my letter without answering any of your questions Mr & Mrs Cushman are both very well. +++ has entirely recovered from his cough, he is very good and happy in having the boys here to play with him. you

[page 3] were thought of in this household yesterday although no written word went to you. we all feel grateful that you have a blessing to comfort you in your dear +++. I hope he is better now, we had a lovely bright xmas[?] and the children were all well and very happy over their numerous gifts. Master Wayman could not leave his work in the West we missed him most sadly. this is the first xmas they have not been all here in this

[page 3 reverse] dear home. I am so glad you use your alter cloth. you will be glad to hear that our eldest child is doing verry [sic] well +++ +++ work and giving great satisfaction to all the Family. his grandfather writes in great praise of him, which is a joy to his Mother's heart. my room is very pretty I hope you may see it some time. both Mr & Mrs Cushman do everry [sic]

[page 4] thing, as +++ well know, to make it comfortable. The weather just now is very cold and we all find it hard to keep warm. Mrs Cushman is giving me a lovely easy chair for my xmas present. I will say good bye hoping the New Year may bring you peace and comforts on your lonely life. I am ever with love from all here, most gratefully
Mr Alwad [sic]


Mercer, Sallie


Newport, RI, US

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Sallie Mercer Miss Cushman's maid and nurse [added in pencil]
Dec. 26, 1884 [added in pencil]

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