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Letter from Charlotte Cushman to Emma Crow Cushman, Aug 28, 1865

CCP 3, 803-814, CC to ECC 1865, Aug 28.pdf
Cushman is glad to hear that Emma, Ned, and their baby are in good health. She is, however, worried about the baby striking his head when he learns to walk and asks Emma to inquire a doctor about some medicine as a precaution. She should also ask…

Letter from Charlotte Cushman to Emma Crow Cushman, Aug 25, 1865

CCP 3, 803-814, CC to ECC 1865, Aug 25.pdf
Cushman had been feeling "dreadfully depressed" due to the sulfur water but her doctor put her on saline chalybeate, which has improved her health significantly. Ned is suffering a few physical ailments as well, which Cushman ascribes to his…

Letter from Charlotte Cushman to Emma Crow Cushman, Aug 21, 1865

CCP 3, 803-814, CC to EC, Aug 21, 1865.pdf
Emma will soon travel from Versailles to Paris to meet her sister and mother. Cushman offers Emma some advice for her stay and suggests leaving the baby with the nurse in Versailles so that she has less work on her hands.Cushman is not surprised by…

"Poetry," Godey's Lady's Book, Jan 1858 to Jan 1885

"Poetry" is a column in Godey's Lady's Book that includes various poems, words of wisdom, and advice on social etiquette.The included file only serves as an example illustration of the column. Credit HathiTrust Digital Library

Greenwood's "Notes from over the Sea," New York Times, 1875 to 1883

In her column "Notes from over the Sea", published in the New York Times, Grace Greenwood reports on her travels outside of the United States. She comments on various events, such as art exhibitions, stage performances, and social receptions,…

Letter from Charlotte Cushman to Emma Crow Cushman, June 28, 1869

CCP 4, 1134-1143, CC to ECC 1869 June-4-11.pdf
Cushman responds to Emma’s previous letters, expressing how much pain they have caused her. She is shocked that Emma would expect Cushman to tarnish her reputation so willingly. A "poor old worlded woman" exerted "pressure of her stupid little will"…

Blackwood's Edinburgh Magazine

Blackwood's Edinburgh Magazine.pdf
Blackwood's Edinburgh Magazine is a Scottish magazine founded in 1817 by William Blackwood. The magazine is originally established as a Tory counterweight to the Whiggish Edinburgh Review and quickly gains notoriety by publishing satire on the…

Ladies Home Journal

Ladies Home Journal.pdf
Ladies Home Journal is a monthly American women's magazine first published by the Curtis Publishing Company of Philadelphia in 1883. Besides short and serial fictional stories, the magazine is devoted to any issues related to home life. It contains…

Good Housekeeping

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Good Housekeeping is an American women's magazine first published in Massachusetts in 1885. The magazine aims "to produce and perpetuate perfection [...] as may be attained in the household" and provides its readers with recipes, health advice, and…


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Cosmopolitanis an American women's magazine launched by the Schlicht & Field Company in 1886. It focuses on issues related to fashion, household decor, cooking, and other domestic interests. Over the years, serialized fiction, book reviews,…