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Greenwood about Women Journalists, The Daily Picayune, Nov 25, 1894.

1894. Greenwood on Newspapers and Women Journalists.pdf
Greenwood, speaking from her travel experience and stays abroad, evaluates the French, Italian, and English press in comparison to the US-American. In the context of a changing press culture, she also indulges in a long speech against…

Letter from Grace Greenwood to Mr. White, April 12, 1850

NYPL Misc. GG to Mr. White, April 12, 1850..pdf
Greenwood lets the addressee know that she is "more deeply interested in them [=distinguished people] by the representations of some common friends." Credit New York Public Library

Letter from Mary Devlin Booth to Emma Crow Cushman, Jan 13[?], 1862

My darling friend[...] I was very much annoyed at receiving a Boston Post' with a comment upon Miss 'Edwina Booth'. I cannot imagine who could have given publicity to such a private matter; they knew little about it--to say 'born in…

Letter from Jane Welsh Carlyle to John Forster, [April 26, 1849]

Jane Carlyle gossips about Charlotte Cushman about whom she heard Macready say that she is a liar. Carlyle write to a dramatic critic of the Examiner, John Forster. Credit The Carlyle Letters Online/CLO


Letter from Charlotte Cushman to Helen Hunt Jackson, March 4, 1870

Cushman is again suffering from the climate in Rome. Emma Stebbins and Emma Crow Cushman are with her.Regarding the quarrel with Grace Greenwood, Cushman writes that mutual friends are now involved in this matter as well. She does not seem to know…

Letter from Charlotte Cushman to Helen Hunt Jackson, Jan 10, 1870

Charlotte Cushman criticizes the "looseness" of New York's divorce law and concept of marriage.Helen Hunt is going back to the US and leaves England. Charlotte shares her thoughts on feeling homesick. Emma Stebbins is with Cushman but not in good…

Letter from Charlotte Cushman to Helen Hunt Jackson, Dec 21, 1869

Charlotte Cushman is back in Rome with Emma Stebbins and Emma Crow Cushman. Apparently, Helen Hunt warned her after the last letter that some of the "dangerous words inside" the last letter could have been read through the envelope. Many friends…

Letter from Charlotte Cushman to Emma Crow Cushman, Jan 22, 1864

CCP Box 2 1864 Jan 22.pdf
Charlotte calls herself a "Mum" and Emma her "daughter" in this letter. She is criticizing Longfellow and critiquing the January issue of the Atlantic. Among other issues, Cushman is discussing "war" and "peace" democrats, the administration, Harriet…

Letter from Charlotte Cushman to Emma Crow Cushman, Jan 30, 1863 [1864?]

CCP Box 2 1863 Jan 30.pdf
This letter seems to be a follow up of Jan 22, 1864, and hence have the wrong date. Instead of "1863," the letter is probably from 1864.Charlotte Cushman tells Emma Crow Cushman that she never shows her letters to anyone except for reading single…

Letter from Charlotte Cushman to [Emma Crow], Jan 15, 1863

CCP 2, 614-617, CC to ECC, Jan 15, 1863.pdf
Charlotte Cushman stresses that she reads only "portions" of Emma's letters to Emma's sister Mary who is a very "unamiable" character. Cushman is "fully aware of all her propensities," she say speaking of Mary who gets an "occasional rebuke" from…