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Letter from Charlotte Cushman to Emma Crow, Sept 12, 1860

CCP Box 1 CC to ECC 1860, Sep 12.pdf
Cushman is anxious that Emma Crow may lose letters that Charlotte sent: "I don't like such dear letters addressed to me to be lost. or be sent to the Dead letter office. If any 'unscrupulous person or persons' should find it. my reputation might be…

Diary Entry by Anne H. Brewster about the Breakup of Charlotte Cushman and Matilda Hays

ABP Box 4 5, diary 1876. On CC and Hays_excerpt.pdf
The complete diary entry for June 5, 1876 is 24 pages long and details the time Harriet Hosmer and Anne H. Brewster spent together. The last eight pages (transcribed here) recount, how Hosmer witnessed the passionate breakup of Charlotte Cushman and…

Stebbins's Charlotte Cushman: Her Letters and Memories of Her Life (1878)

Stebbins Bio.JPG
Biography of Charlotte Cushman, written after her death by her spouse Emma Stebbins. The transcribed correspondence between Stebbins and Sidney Lanier (who had originally been chosen as the author of the biography) details the painstaking process of…

Frances "Fanny" Anne Kemble Butler

Portrait of Frances Anne Kemble
She is married to Mr. Butler but gets divorced. Charlotte Cushman supports her in her fight for custody. Kemble is an old friend and theatrical colleague of Charlotte Cushman. Eventually, they part on bad terms, as Fanny is disturbed by Charlotte's…