"Young Ladies of Boston," The New York Age, May 12, 1888

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"Young Ladies of Boston," The New York Age, May 12, 1888


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Lewis, Lillian Alberta ( (pseudonym: Bert Islew), 1861-?
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This account of the "varied array of feminine talent" found in Boston includes a detailed portrait of journalist Lillian A. Lewis. The author praises her work as a society editor and connects it implicitly to her talents as a hostess.


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"This country has produced many female colored journalists, but few can be termed "first class." Under this few I would name Miss Lillian Lewis. Miss Lewis, also a graduate of the Boston Girls' High School, possess rare literary talent seldom found in a young lady of her age. As a writer, she cannot be surpassed by any other young lady of Boston. She is the society editress of the Boston Advocate, the only colored newspaper of Boston, and also the author of the "They Say" column of that paper. It is the porton which contains the gossip and personal news of the city and is first opened to by young and by old. Miss Lewis also occupies a responsible position on the Boston Herald, the leading daily newspaper of Boston. From time to time she has contributed articles for that paper, but on account of the custom which prevents the author's name from appearing, these articles are seldom known to the public as productions of this young lady. Miss Lewis does not stand high only in the intellectual circle of Boston, but is one of the leaders of society. At all times at her hous a select company of young ladies and gentlemen may be found. All strangers who visit Boston always find such hospitality under her roof as they are likely never to forget. She possesses excellent conversational powers and is so well versed as to talk intellegently upon nearly every subject."


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