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Gossip and/as Foreign Correspondence

AB gossips in Lippincotts.pdf

This exhibit gathers items related to the presentation "’Interesting to the Ladies’: How Foreign Correspondents Made Gossip a Profession" for the Speculative Endeavors Conference (Oct 21-23, 2021). They serve as a basis to contextualize, analyse, visualize, and link documents and people relevant to the question of how gossip becomes a profession for white women in the mid-nineteenth century. The focus is on the transatlantic careers of Grace Greenwood and Anne Hampton Brewster.

For further context, you can read our conference report here.

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Transatlantic Success in the 1840s

Boston Evening Transcript, December 14, 1843, page 2 - annotated.pdf

During the 1840s, Charlotte Cushman becomes a successful actress known across the Atlantic. After struggling financially, she establishes a reputation as the first gifted American actress who succeeds at performing different gender roles on stage. This exhibit provides an overview over press coverage as well as personal material concerning this crucial moment in Cushman's career.

There are numerous articles published both in the US and England for the years 1845-1852. Among these articles, various reports are reprints. The sections in which these articles can be found are called "private correspondence," "intelligence," "gossip," and theater-related columns.

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