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"Harriet Hosmer – Charlotte Cushman," Coleman's Rural World, Aug 15, 1868

1868. Colman's Rural World. Cushman and Hosmer - Chicagoan reference Omeka.pdf
An admirer describes Hosmer's studio and her works as well as Charlotte Cushman's home as a location of frequent gatherings.
The article is followed by a poem from Eliza Cook about how to "make your home beautiful."

"Harriet Hosmer and Charlotte Cushman at Rome," Chicago Tribune, March 8, 1868

1868. Chicago Tribune. Hosmer and Cushman in Rome..pdf
It is the same text as in the Daily Ohio Statesman (March 15). The Boston Post is given as the source here as well.

"How Charlotte Cushman Came to Play 'Nancy Sykes,'" The Superior Times, Oct 26, 1878

1878. Superior_Times_Sat__Oct_26.pdf
The reprint from Brewster's article for the Boston Advertiser speaks to Cushman’s performance as Nancy Sykes before she went to England. It is a glowing review and covers Cushman’s financial precarity and beginning of her career. The article is…

"Letter from Rome," Boston Daily Advertiser, April 29, 1871

Brewster, Anne. Letter from Rome. Boston Daily Advertiser, 29 Apr. 1871. - cf. Item 257, but too early.pdf
Brewster appears as the "regular correspondent" from the Boston Daily Advertiser contributing one of her letters from Rome. The article lists members of the deputation, describes architectural sites in Rome, gives an account of archeological…

"Letter from Rome," Boston Daily Advertiser, March 2, 1870

Brewster, Anne_Letter From Rome. Boston Daily Advertiser, March 2 1870.pdf
Brewster attends to social gatherings and a funeral in Rome. She characterizes the well-known Louis Veuillot as a "violent writer" whose articles often disclose secrets. Brewster repeatedly uses the term gossip in this article. Credit 19th Century…

"London in Midsummer," Kansas City Star, Aug 22, 1888

1888. Kansas City Star. London in Midsummer.pdf
Greenwood sketches how actress Lillie Langtry made it "from idle to laborious display" in a witty comment on social gossip. Credit

"M'Vicker's Theatre," Chicago Tribune, Feb 15, 1871

1871. Chicago Tribune. GG gossips.pdf
In this announcement for a play's premiere at McViker's Theatre, Greenwood's account of the actor Charles Fletcher is published as gossip. Greenwood describes him as a "fiery and freaky Frenchman," and recounts his performances on stage as she…

"Memories of Three Great Women," New-York Tribune, Jul 21, 1890

1890. New York Tribune. Lenox Life of Homser, Cushmann, Stebbins..pdf
The article shares some memories of the private and artistic lives of Charlotte Cushman, Emma Stebbins, and Harriet Hosmer. Emma Stebbins is mentioned as Charlotte's "friend" and "sharer in [...] artistic aims and pleasures" who "shared an…

"Miss Edmonia Lewis at Florence," Commonwealth, Oct 21, 1865

1865_Commonwealth_Edmonia Lewis in Florence.pdf
This short article in the column "Artistic" reports the arrival of Edmonia Lewis in Florence through Paris. It adds that she has been received well by other expats and friends, except from one lady from Boston who "declined to received her, --…

"Miss Hosmer and Charlotte Cushman," Banner of Light, Aug 15, 1868

1868. Banner of Light. Cushman and Hosmer..pdf
It is the same text as in the Daily Ohio Statesman (March 15).The article closes with "Letter from Europe." The original source for this reporting (in the context of a much longer report on the US American art market in Rome) is the Boston Post (Feb…

"Our Woman's Department," New York Freeman, Jan 9, 1886

1886_New_York_Freeman__January_9_Mossell_Womens Department. Edmonia Lewis mentioned.pdf
This is an exemple of of Gertrude Mossell's "Our Woman's Department," written for New York Freeman, one of the earliest advice columns specifically dedicated to Black women. Above each version, Mossell informs her readers that this column "will be…

"Personal and Pertinent" and "Wants Woman's Department," New York Age, 23 Feb. 1889

1889_New_York_Age_February_23_1889_Lillian Lewis work for Boston Herald.pdf
This page from The New York Age contains a letter to the editor by a female reader who would like to see Getrude Mossell's column "Woman's Department" made a permanent feature of the newspaper. Under "Personal and Pertinent," readers find short…

"Personal," Buffalo Commercial, Sep 26, 1878

Note on Harriet Hosmer and Anne Brewster who go riding together. Brewster's Blackwood article on Charlotte Cushman is mentioned as well. Credit

"Provincial Theatres and Gossip", Era, Aug 2, 1846

1846. The Era. Gossip in Title.pdf
This short entry reports the news that Charlotte and Susan Cushman are about to make limited appearances in the Surrey Theatre. Credit The British Library Newspapers,Gale Digital Collections

"Roman Scandal," Chicago Tribune, March 3, 1877

1877. Chicago Tribune. Roman Scandal. European Gossip.pdf
The reprint from the New York World recounts a wedding scandal of the rich Marchese Lezzani family. The incident has been widely discussed among affluent members of the Roman society. Credit

"Rome – Charlotte Cushman and Harriet Hosmer in the Eternal City," Republican Banner, March 10, 1867

1867. Republican Banner. CC and Hosmer in Rome (same Boston source)..pdf
It is the same text as in the Daily Ohio Statesman (March 15). The Boston Post is given as the source here as well.

"Rome – Foreign Correspondence of the Boston Post," Boston Post, February 23, 1867

1867_Boston Post, Feb 23, 1867, p. 1 NewspaperArchive_Cushman Hosmer Rome Riding.pdf
A short excerpt from this long report on the US American art market in Rome – the part in which Hosmer and Cushman are described as expert riders whose muscular physique would make men envious – is subsequently reprinted in a number of newspapers,…

"Rome Gossip," Daily Ohio Statesman, March 15, 1867

1867. Daily Ohio Statesman. Rome Gossip - Cushman - Hosmer - masculine.pdf
The article praises both Harriet Hosmer and Charlotte Cushman while paying more attention to the latter. Cushman is described as "muscular," generous, hospitable, and talented. Both are favorably compared to men in terms of their physique.The article…

"Rome," Boston Daily Advertiser, 1870 to 1876

Brewster on Rome 1871.pdf
"Rome" is a column in the Boston Daily Advertiser written by Anne Brewster, in which she gives accounts of any political, cultural, or social news that have occurred in Rome.The included file only serves as an example illustration of the…

"Royal Gossip," Chicago Tribune, Aug 20, 1876

1876. Chicago Tribune. Royal Gossip.pdf
In a reprint from the New York Times, Greenwood writes about the garden parties of the Princess of Wales. The report describes the royal family in terms of appearance and gestures, discusses who is sitting where, and mentions who Greenwood was…