"Reviews", Liverpool Mercury, Aug 16, 1846

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"Reviews", Liverpool Mercury, Aug 16, 1846


Cushman, Charlotte Saunders, 1816-1876
Muspratt, Susan Cushman, 1822-1859


This article reports on a lithograph of Charlotte Cushman being produced and valued at an astonishingly low price. It also praises Cushman on her skills and talent in acting, but disagreeing with Connoisseur that she is in the only tragic actress at the time. Additionally, the article speculates on the marital status of Susan Cushman and discusses some of the rumours regarding the same.


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THE CONNOISSEUR gives us a lithograph of Miss Cushman, drawn from the life, and an admirable likeness we believe it to be. Really, when we turned to observe the price of the work, we felt quite astonished at the proprietors being able to afford so beautiful an engraving, and such valuable literary matter, for one shilling. We must dissent, however, from the opinion expressed in "Dramatic Prospects," that Miss Cushman is the only tragic actress since Miss O'Neill, for we happen to recollect that such people as Fanny Kemble, Helen Faucit, and Mrs. Warner, have trod the stage after her. Neither is it just to say that Farren is the only good "old man" of the present day. T.F. Matthews, though not equal to him, is nevertheless, not to be passed over so slightingly. In fact, the whole article is written in an unfair, prejudiced tone. We were not aware, until we found the fact stated in this magazine, that Miss Cushman first came out as a singer, although every body who has heard her must have noticed that she possesses a voice of exquisite intonation. It appears that her sister, Miss Susan Cushman, is either a widow, or has a husband living, from whom she is separated. This information is conveyed in the following sentence:-- "About this period, however, her sister, Miss Susan Cushman, became released from an ill-assorted marriage." Now, why does not the writer make himself intelligible? How was the lady "released" from her marriage? And what does this sentence mean? "On her (Miss Cushman's) return, a second irruption, made by Mr. Edwin Forrest, seemed to afford her an opportunity, and she engaged with Mr. Maddox, of the Princess's, selecting for her first appearance the tragedy of Fazio. She afterwards played Emilia and Lady Macbeth with that extensive actor." Who? Mr. Maddox? We believe he never performed a part in his life: of course, Edwin Forrest must, therefore, be referred to; but where was the editorial eye when it over looked such obscurity, or such an expression as "their joint performance of Romeo Juliet is familiar with most of our readers."



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Liverpool, Lancashire, England

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