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"A Dish of Italian Scandal," Chicago Tribune, Oct 18, 1872

1872. Chicago_Tribune_Fri__Oct_18. Italian Scandal.pdf
This reprint of a Boston Adertiser Letter by Brewster recounts a quarrel between the Saxon Duchess Marguerite and King Victor Emmanuel. Credit

"A Real Romeo", Northern Star, Jan 9, 1847

1847. Northern Star, A Real Romeo, Jan 9, p. 3.pdf
This short entry reports on Susan Cushman's romantic attachment to a young Englishman from Liverpool. Credit NCSE: Nineteenth-Century Serials Edition

"Actresses Unhappy Wives," Port Jervis Evening Gazette, Oct 15, 1870

AHB on CC Unhappy Wives.pdf
The article is based on the anonymous author's knowledge of Charlotte Cushman and deems Cushman to be "satisfied" with her husbandless condition of "virginity." Credit NewspaperArchive

"American Artists in Rome," Boston Daily Evening Transcript, July 3, 1869

1869. Boston Daily Evening Transcript. American Artists in Rome.pdf
The reprint from the Philadelphia Bulletin gives insights into the expatriate community of American artists living and working in Rome. It relies on Brewster's own observations and hearsay. Credit

"American Artists in Rome," Lippincott's Monthly Magazine, Feb 1869

1869. Lippincott. American Artists in Rome.pdf
The article starts with a graphic description of the Piazza di Spagna in a first-person plural narrative. It further includes passages on pieces of art in the studios that Brewster visited, buyers of portraits, reasons for purchases, the historical…

"An American Salon in Rome," Lippincott's Monthly Magazine, 1881

1881.Lippincott.Corson. An Americna Salon in Rome.pdf
The articles gives a definition and historical genealogy of salons with a specific focus on French salons. A salon is described as a social gathering "brought together by some leading maîtresse de maison, for the purpose of promoting an agreeable…

"Angelic American Females Radiating at Rome," Daily Journal of Commerce, June 1, 1871

1871. Daily Journal of Commerce. Females at Rome.pdf
The article recounts a studio reception of the artist Healy from Brewster's perspective. Credit

"Bridgeport Gleanings," The Boston Advocate, Aug 28, 1886

BPL_The Boston Advocate_Aug 28 1886-4,5,8,9- Massachusetts Newspapers, 1704-1974 - MyHeritage. Bridgeport Gleanings.Episodes of Travel.pdf
An example of the column "Bridgeport Gleanings" in The Boston Advocate where the readers are informed about social and political affairs, religious events, and news about prominent members in the community. In this particular instance, the column…

"California", Jackson's Oxford Journal, Aug 30, 1851

1851. Jacksons Oxford Journal. Rumor Male Attire.pdf
This is a short entry under news from America reports on the rumours that Charlotte Cushman has "adopted male attire" permanently. Credit The British Library Newspapers,Gale Digital Collections

"Charlotte Cushman at Rome," Milwaukee Daily Sentinel, March 9, 1876

1876. Milwaukee Daily Sentinel. Cushman - Rome - Virgins.pdf
The article is a reprint from the Boston Sunday Courier. The author J.S.H. recounts the time he spent in Rome in 1852-1853. Harriet Hosmer, Grace Greenwood, and Charlotte Cushman were part of a group of five that were known as "the five wise…

"Charlotte Cushman: The Story of Her Love as Told by Celia Logan," Lowell Daily Citizen, Aug 14, 1877

1877. Lowell Daily Citizen. Cushman - Unrequited Love.pdf
Celia Logan cleverly positions herself as an actress who performed with Charlotte Cushman on stage. This joint engagement allows her to present herself as having had access to intimate knowledge about the actress and her relationships to two men,…

"Charlotte Cushman. A Hitherto Unpublished Episode in Her Life," San Francisco Examiner, May 25, 1877

The article adds more insights to the longer reprinted article by Logan in the Lowell Daily Citizen, Aug 14, 1877. Credit

"Charlotte Cushman's First Appearance in England," Harper's Bazaar, March 18, 1876

1876. Harpers Bazar. Cushman in England..pdf
James H. Siddons gives a very intimate account of Charlotte Cushman's rise to success in England and describes her struggles and strategies, including a press network and behind-the-scenes accounts. Maddox is characterized as a capitalist,…

"Chit-Chat," Sentinel, Jan 7, 1882

1882_Sentinel_Chit Chat Column.pdf
An example of the gossip column "Chit-Chat," containing short entries reporting about multiple individuals of note. Credit Readex: African American Newspapers

"Current Gossip," Chicago Tribune, Aug 23, 1875 to Aug 7, 1887

1877. Chicago Daily Tribune. Brewster Column.pdf
"Current Gossip" is a column in the Chicago Tribune that gives accounts of any political, cultural, or social news. Anne Brewster has contributed reports from Rome as a correspondent.The included file only serves as an example illustration of the…

"Cushmania," 1844[?]

Cushmania - CCP 19 - press coverage - newspaper clippings.JPG
Cartoon about Charlotte Cushman's rise to financial success Credit Library of Congress, Charlotte Cushman Papers, Manuscript Division, Library of Congress, Washington, D.C.

"Fashion and Gossip," Flag of Our Union, Jan 12, 1867 to May 14, 1870

Flag of our Union. 1868. Fashion and Gossip (telegram style).pdf
"Fashion and Gossip" is a column inFlag of Our Union that recounts the most recent fashion trends for women as well as the latest home and foreign gossip, ranging from local marriage arrangements to news about prominent figures from abroad.The…

"Flunkyism in Washington," San Francisco Examiner, Jan 25, 1878

1878. San Francisco Examiner. Flunkyism in Wash.pdf
The reprint from The New York Times covers the "gay season" of Congress with its receptions. Greenwood is "disgusted with the flagrant flunkeyism shown here toward the occupants of the White House" and criticizes the hesitation with which the…

"Foreign Gossip," Detroit Free Press, June 7, 1869

1869. Detroit Free Press. Brewster Foreign Gossip- American Artists in Rome.pdf
"Foreign Gossip" is a column in theDetroit Free Press thatgives accounts of any political, cultural, or social news abroad. Anne Brewster has contributed reports from Rome as a correspondent.The included file only serves as an example illustration of…

"Gossips," Bedford County Press and Everett Press, June 28, 1871

1871. Bedford County Press. Gossips.pdf
A short column entry on "Gossips" which reports Greenwood saying that women are rather unfairly "satirized" for their "propensity to gossip" as the best gossips she has come across have been among government employees. Credit