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"Cushmania," 1844[?]

Cushmania - CCP 19 - press coverage - newspaper clippings.JPG
Cartoon about Charlotte Cushman's rise to financial success Credit Library of Congress, Charlotte Cushman Papers, Manuscript Division, Library of Congress, Washington, D.C.

Macready's Diary – Cushman mentions (edited by Toynbee, 1912)

Macready's Diary Screenshot.JPG
The diary entries depict an interesting dynamic between Macready's and Cushman's relationship. There is no diary entry from the beginning of January, 1844, when Cushman published her poem about Macready in the Anglo American Journal. Usually,…

Vandenhoff's Leaves from an Actor's Note-Book; With Reminiscences and Chit-Chat of the Green-Room and the Stage, in England and America (1860)

Vandenhoff's Leaves from an Actor's Note-Book; With Reminiscences and Chit-Chat of the Green-Room and the Stage, in England and America (1860).pdf
Same text but different page no. published as Dramatic Reminiscences; or, Actors and Actresses in England and America (1860, London, T. W. Cooper).The autobiographical text was translated by A. v. Winterfeld and published in German as Blätter aus dem…

New York Times, Stebbins and Cushman, Aug 31, 1860

The author of this article mentions a "peculiar intimacy" between Stebbins and Cushman.

Edmund Burke Fisher

Fisher works as an editor and writer, for the New Yorker among others. He regularly presents himself as an admirer and suitor of Cushman. He actively shapes her career by facilitating business contacts and expanding Cushman social capital.

Nathaniel Hawthorne

Portrait of Nathaniel Hawthorne
He repeatedly criticizes women writers such as Grace Greenwood.

Mowatt's Autobiography of an Actress; or, Eight Years on the Stage (1854)

Mowatt_Autobiography of an actress - Omeka Excerpts.pdf
Mowatt is an actress that performs with/meets Susan and Charlotte Cushman as well as Macready. She serves as an example of annother actress carefully analyzing press coverage. Credit Hathi Trust

Letter from Charlotte Cushman to James Thomas Fields, Dec 31, 1864

Letter from CC to JT, December 31, 1864
Charlotte Cushman describes Anne Brewster as "an old dear friend of younger days." Stebbins cannot pay the exchange for the casting and transport of her statue. Cushman asks James to interfere on Stebbins' behalf and talk to Dr. Howe. Additionally,…

Letter from Charlotte Cushman to Annie Fields, June 29, 1873

CC to AF, 1873-05-29.pdf
The commissioned sculpture of an angel in Central Park, created by Emma Stebbins, was met with ridicule by several papers. Cushman urges Annie to help her act against this slander. Fields could help to "destroy the effect of this dirty article" in…

Letter from Charlotte Cushman to James Fields, June 26, 1861

CC to JF, 1861-05-26.pdf
Cushman asks of James to send her the Atlantic Monthly she is subscribed to. Emma Stebbins is currently working on a statue, for which the committee may not be able to raise enough money. Hence, Cushman wants to raise money with Fields's help. James…

Mrs. Walker's Reminiscences of the Life of the World-Renowned Charlotte Cushman (1876)

Walker_Reminiscences of Renowned Cushman (1876).pdf
The biography traces Cushman's successful career and mentions many business partners and friends. However, it excludes every references to Cushman's same-sex relationships. It is published after Charlotte Cushman's death.The Cushman-Macready-…

Letter from Julia Howe to Anne Brewster, Jan 29, 1871

ABP 1 31 Howe.pdf
Julia Ward Howe asks Anne Brewster for help regarding her planned "general congress of women [...] to promote the alliance of the different nationalities, the amicable settlement of international questions, the great and general interests of peace".

Letter from Annie Adams Fields, Boston, to Anne Whitney, Dec 25, 1875

1875_Letter from Annie Adams Fields Boston Massachusetts to Anne Wh.pdf
Annie Fields writes to Anne Whitney, a friend of Emma Stebbins and fellow sculptor, about a visit to an exhibit with Emma Stebbins and about Charlotte Cushman's illness Credit Wellesley College Archives, Personal Papers

Letter from Anne Whitney to Sarah Whitney, April 30 - May 13, 1868

1868_Letter from Anne Whitney Rome Italy to Sarah Whitney 1868 Apr_omeka.pdf
Anne Whitney shares intimate knowledge about acquaintances and discusses aspect of Rome's infrastructure and nature. She reports that Charlotte Cushman and Emma Stebbins leave Rome and announces Cushman's readings in the coming fall. Apparently,…

Letter from Emma Stebbins to Anne Whitney, June 19, 1878

1878_Letter from Emma Stebbins Hyde Park New York to Anne Whitney_about the reception of the memoir.pdf
Emma Stebbins responds to Anne Whitney's reaction to reading Charlotte Cushman: Letters and Memories of Her Life. Credit Wellesley College Archives, Papers of Anne Whitney (MSS.4): Correspondence. 2010.

Letter from Anne Whitney, Mar 23, 1869

1869_Letter from Anne Whitney 1869 March 28.pdf
Anne Whitney's letter offers another perspective on Harriet Hosmer's participation in fox hunts in Rome and the rift this caused with Charlotte Cushman (see also Merrill 236). Whitney tells the recipient about an English woman who frames Hosmer's…

Letter from Emma Stebbins to Anne Whitney, March 24, 1874

1874_Letter from Emma Stebbins Philadelphia Pennsylvania to Anne Whitney_CCs illness_omeka.pdf
Emma Stebbins writes to Anne Whitney and addresses Charlotte Cushman's precarious state of health. Credit Wellesley College Archives, Papers of Anne Whitney (MSS.4)

James Parton's Eminent Women of the Age (1869)

Parton et al._Eminent Women - Omeka.pdf
Eminent Women was written by James Parton, Horace Greeley, T.W. Higginson, J. C. Abbott, William Winter, Theodore Tilton, Prof. James M. Hoppin, Fanny Fern, Grace Greenwood, Mrs. E. C. Stanton, and others that are not listed.Greeley founded the New…

Letter from Charlotte Cushman to Helen Hunt, [1871-1875]

Charlotte Cushman addresses Helen Hunt in her quarrel with James Fields. Cushman advises Hunt to transact her own business and confront Fields about some gossip and to "beat him to death with compliments."Transcripts courtesy of Nancy Knipe, Colorado…

Letter from Charlotte Cushman to Helen Hunt, June 11, 1871

Charlotte Cushman left Newport for the Villa Boscobel. Cushman refers to Emma Stebbins as 'Miss Stebbins' who Cushman did not see for seven weeks as she emphasizes.Cushman admits that she is thinking of Helen Hunt: "I think of you often & much…