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Letter from Charlotte Cushman to Helen Hunt, June 28, 1871

Currently, Charlotte Cushman is not in pain. Mrs Garland, Emma Stebbins's sister, is very fond of Helen Hunt because of the book of poems she sent.Cushman announces a visit of Stebbins and herself in Bethlehem. Among others, Booth urges Cushman to…

Letter from Charlotte Cushman to Helen Hunt, Aug 18, 1871

Cushman encourages Helen Hunt's work as a poet and critic and talks about "American men" who do not "understand or appreciate beauty".She has decided to take on the role of Queen Katherine in New York in September, adding that it is an "easy part to…

Letter from Charlotte Cushman to Helen Hunt, Aug 25, 1871

Charlotte Cushman is about to start a new engagement in NY, she will perform Queen Katherine in Henry VIII. She shows some resentment against "society" and admits that the audience will pay to see her much more than the play itself, which makes her…

Letter from Charlotte Cushman to Helen Hunt, Jan 6, 1874

Charlotte Cushman discusses friendship and Helen Hunt's pen name Saxe Holm about which Cushman will stay quiet. The letter may be the response to item 213. Cushman also touches upon people who gossip/spread rumors. Eventually, she informs Hunt that…

Letter from Henry Alden to Charlotte Cushman, Nov 3, 1874

CCP Box 9 Alden to CC.pdf
The editor of Harper's magazine asks Charlotte Cushman to write a contribution to the magazine speaking about her career. Alden presents himself as speaking on behalf of Cushman's friends rather than making a request as an editor.He includes the sum…

Letter from Charlotte Cushman to [Emma Crow], Nov 23, 1861

CCP Box 1 Letters 1861 Nov.pdf
Charlotte Cushman is satsfied with Ned Cushman having improved his letter writing. She encourages him to write more and laments that Ned has never shown much affection towards herself. Since Charlotte's doctor is gone, she has had some language…

"Products of New England," Lowell Daily Citizen and News, March 30, 1871

1871. Lowell Daily Citizen and News. Greenwood- Old Maids- Hosmer - Cushman.Pdf
Among others, the article celebrates Charlotte Cushman, Harriet Hosmer, and Edmonia Lewis as "educated girls, the truest wives, the noblest mothers, and the most glorious old maids in the world." Credit 19th Century U.S. Newspapers

"A Gallant Army of Famous Spinsters," Daily Picayne, June 2, 1895

1895. Daily Picayne. Gallant Army of Famous Spinsters - Hosmer - Cushman.Pdf
The article strives for a change of labels used for unmarried, successful women. They have been called 'old maids' but the authors makes a case for the term "women bachelors." Harriet Hosmer is mentioned as a prominent example and Charlotte Cushman…

"Famous Old Maids," Morning Oregonian, July 19, 1895

1895. Morning Oregonian. Famous Old Maids - Hosmer - Cushman.Pdf
The same text as in The Daily Picayne, June 2, 1895, with a different heading. Credit 19th Century U.S. Newspapers

"The Education of Our Girls," Vermont Chronicle, Aug 8, 1868

Article on Hosmer. 1868. Grace Greenwood. Education for Girls.pdf
Grace Greenwood takes Harriet Hosmer as a prime example of an unconventional education that has made her a strong a celebrated woman. Greenwood bases her account on her own experience and acquaintance with Hosmer in Rome in the 1850s. She counters…

"Miss Harriet Hosmer," Liberator, Nov 20, 1857

Article on Hosmer. 1857. By Lydia Maria Child. Liberator.pdf
Child praises Hosmer as a genius and comments on her being a woman sculptor among so many men in this profession. Child gives a definition of 'society' and its norms and counters arguments that have depicted Hosmer disparagingly as a 'masculine'…

"Masculine Women," Liberator, Jan 15, 1858

Article on Hosmer. 1858. Masculine Women. Liberator.pdf
Mrs. Frances D. Gage criticizes an article in the Home Journal about the masculinity of women in jobs associated with men. She publishes her article in the Missouri Democrat, the article given here is a reprint, and takes Harriet Hosmer as her prime…

Letters from Kate Field to Eliza Riddle Field (excerpts)

In these letters to her mother, Kate Field describes her social life in Rome - including her experience of the carnival, meetings with the Brownings and Hawthorne, and her rides with Charlotte Cushman, Emma Stebbins, and Harriet Hosmer.
Field also…

Letter from Kate Field to Cordelia Riddle Sanford, March 1860 (excerpt)

Kate Field tells her aunt about a lively evening she spent in the company of Harriet Hosmer and Emma Crow. She also mentions that Charlotte Cushman is en route to England and that Emma Stebbins is making progress on her Lotus Eater (the sculpture is…

Isabella "Isa" Jane Blagden

"Isa Blagden is the author of five fairly sentimental yet often outspokenly feminist novels, a small volume of poetry, and a number of essays and short stories—almost all of which were published in London during the 1860s. She lived primarily in…

Letter from Charlotte Cushman to Helen Hunt Jackson, Nov 6[?], 1870

Both Charlotte Cushman and Emma Stebbins are wretched from the passage to the US.Helen Hunt is publishing with Fields & Osgood.For transcripts, please visit Colorado College.

Emma Crow Cushman's Memoir about Charlotte Cushman: "A Memory" (1918)

CCP 15, 4019-4036 (ECC Memoir).pdf
Emma Crow Cushman emphasizes that she knew Charlotte Cushman "intimately." Emma and Charlotte met in 1858 when Charlotte brought two letters of introduction (by Hosmer and Kemble) to her father in St. Louis. Emma describes her as a "great artist and…

Letter from Charlotte Cushman to Sarah Anderton [?], June 26, [no year]

CCP 7, 2219-2222, 2245-2248, 2314-2317, CC to Sanderton, June 26, [no year] - OV.pdf
Cushman has not been able to write Anderton as she has a new role to study and rehearse for. She praises Anderton's writing and returns her verses with annotations from Eliza Cook, who thinks that Anderton exhibits "great poetic talent."Cushman…

Letter from Charlotte Cushman to Sarah Anderton [?], Feb 1, [no year]

CCP 7, 2219-2222, 2245-2248, 2314-2317, CC to Sanderton, Feb 1, [no year] - OV.pdf
Cushman has not been able to write to Anderton as she has been "crowded with visitors." She grows tired of having to follow etiquette "while [her] head & heart are aching." Her employment is renewed until Feb 27, afterward, she will travel to…

Letter from Charlotte Cushman to Sarah Anderton [?], [Dec 1848]

CCP 7, 2219-2222, 2245-2248, 2314-2317, CC to Sanderton, [no date] - OV.pdf
Cushman asks Anderton whether he can come to Manchester as unforeseen circumstances currently prevent Miss Hays from acting. Credit Library of Congress, Charlotte Cushman Papers, Manuscript Division, Library of Congress, Washington, D.C.