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Hawthornes living close to Cushman:

"But during 1858 and the first half of 1859, while the Hawthornes lived just blocks away on Via di Porta Pinciana, Charlotte and Emma Stebbins with Harriet Hosmer and others, including their visitors from America, Emma Crow and her sisters, would have passed for an enclave of 'jolly female bachelors,' as Charlotte  herself frequently referred to her group. The sensational aspects of her private life remained just that – private. Aware that the physicality of her declarations, particularly to Emma Crow, far exceeded acceptable parameters, Charlotte sedulously guarded her correspondence and controlled the image seen by an adoring public." (Valenti 2015, S. 157)

Hays leaving Rome:

"Matilda left Rome on April 20 of 1857, Charlotte paying her a considerable sum of money not to sue over income she had forgone when she suspended her career to be with Charlotte." (Valenti 2015, S. 157)

Hawthorne CC relationship:

"Responses to Charlotte Cushman and her household were filtered through several lenses. Which one did the Hawthornes wear? They had initially encountered the renowned actress in America when Nathaniel – star-struck – had complied with her request to have his likeness taken in a miniature. Charlotte wanted to place it in her pantheon of notable Americans whose portraits decorated her home aboard. When the Hawthornes were living in Liverpool and Charlotte was visiting in the vicinity, she came to their Rock Park home, where the children 'liked her prodigiously,' Sophia reported. […] Nathaniel, normally so diffident with house guests, was also won over." (Valenti 2015, S. 158)

"Surely the Hawthornes noticed that Charlotte's domestic arrangements differed from the conventional heterosexual alliance that they so deliberately cultivated and trumpeted to the world. About the nature of these differences, neither Sophia nor Nathaniel commented in any record that survives. What merited their comments was admiration for women with authentic, uncontrived personalities." (Valenti 2015, S. 159)

"cigar-smoking couple Charlotte Cushman and Emma Stebbins" (Valenti 2015, S. 172)

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