Letter from Bellew to Charlotte Cushman, March 16, 1856

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Letter from Bellew to Charlotte Cushman, March 16, 1856


The author of that letter accuses Matilda Hays of a "scheme" to end the friendship between the writer and Charlotte Cushman but spreading false information which is described as 'perverting' the author's conduct. Hays is called Cushman's "friend."


Library of Congress, Charlotte Cushman Papers, Manuscript Division, Library of Congress, Washington, D.C.


LoC, CCP 9:2652-2653





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[2652] my dear Miss Cushman.
I have been deeply offended by
certain statements wh have been
made by your friend Miss Hayes
regarding me - and of wh you know
I am acquainted.
I have written to her I trust, courteously,
but emphatically denying what
she has said. It is my wish
to avoid any quarrel with your
friend - and for this reason I have
written with every +++


[2652 reverse] but I must express to you how
intensely aggrieved I feel.
I have ever acted towawds you
and in your +++ with that[?]
frankness & outspoken manner
with wh I wish to deal with those
I like. I never before in my life
had to regret this, but I confer
I have now experienced an outrage
wh I feel doubly because an
innocent lady has had thoughts
thrust upon her mind of which
- whatever your opinion may be -
I, in my very +++ believe her as
unconscious as I am myself
For myself. I say at once to you


[2653] that I do highly or +++ regard you.
It would cost me a deep +++
to watch the triumph of what I
believe to be a scheme to end
a friendship ! but knowing me
as you now do – however much
you may in any thing think my
manner unguarded, (as I know
it may be. if you attribute this
to malice of mind – to wickedness
of thought - or intent. you
fearfully dishonor[?] me.
There is always in this world a
kind or an unkind way of acting.
I am unused to have my conduct
perverted; or to have people
+++ things


[2653 reverse] wh exist solely in the tortuous
perversions of their own minds
and it would intensely delight me
for you or +++ to unsee what
sincerely believe your own unbiassed[sic,?]
and unprejudiced mind never for
a moment would have conceived[?]
However. be that as it may. I
only feel that I have been +++
wronged. & I cannot disguise this
from you; or in real sadness
or sorrow I beg you to Believe me
Your most faithfully
J.M. Bellew


Cushman, Charlotte Saunders, 1816-1876

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