Letter from Charlotte Cushman to Emma Crow Cushman, June 15, 1860

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Letter from Charlotte Cushman to Emma Crow Cushman, June 15, 1860


Cushman, Charlotte Saunders, 1816-1876
Cushman, Emma Crow, 1839-1920
Fields, Annie, 1834-1915
Fields, James Thomas, 1817-1881
Social Events--Travels
Relationships-- Intimate--Same-sex


Cushman deplores the bad weather Emma has to fare with and provides her with instructions upon her arrival in Manchester. The Fields are visiting Cushman.


Library of Congress, Charlotte Cushman Papers, Manuscript Division, Library of Congress, Washington, D.C.


Cushman, Charlotte Saunders, 1816-1876


LoC, CCP 1: 159-160





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[159] Darling. I have rec [received] your dear loving notes & thank you from my heart. you are so sweet & thoughtful & good. I am so pleased that you are enjoying England in spite of the bad weather. which has indeed been pitiable for you & every one. Heaven knows when it will stop raining. here. it is one perpetual drizzle alternated with the most awful wind & rain. I am almost discouraged. though to be seen [?] I have so very much to do in the house that I have little time for being troubled with the rain & could

[159 reverse]
see as it makes me more & more dread my passage. I sent in town Yesterday to learn when the Fields will be here & find they are arrived so we are off in to town (six miles) to see them. I have secured rooms for you at Mrs Blodgets [sic] Duke St so you will drive there when you arrive. It is an American boarding house & the cab man will know it very well. I sent in town to make sure of them. but to day I will see about them. Ned will be down on Saturday night. I will come to you tomorrow as [inserted] soon as I can. You say you will leave 

[160] Manchester at 10. unless you find some special attraction. You must send for your fathers [sic] friend as soon as you arrive & he will see that you see all that is to be seen in Manchester. a cotton spinning factory is the great sight of Manchester & Houldsworths [sic]. Embroidery factory very well worth seeing.
I send this to the +++ so you may be seen to get something from me. & as you told me in Your note the other day that You should send to the post I shall just send one line there only to say "there is a note

[160 reverse] for you at the +++". so if you get [?] this first. more +++ going for the other. because there will be nothing in it. I am to [sic] hurried & surrounded by talkers to say mo [more] than this - that I love you dearly dearly & tenderly - you my sweet you shall wander over England with me. you shall see all these places in their beauty with me. if you will but I must go to California & get some more money first. I am glad you met some acquaintances. & would enliven [?] the weariness of the weather to Miss Whitwell & Mary & now God bless my darling. Ever & love am I her fondly loving devoted Ladie


Cushman, Charlotte Saunders, 1816-1876


Cushman, Emma Crow, 1839-1920


Knotty Cross, Gateacre
Liverpool, UK

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Cushman, Charlotte Saunders, 1816-1876, “Letter from Charlotte Cushman to Emma Crow Cushman, June 15, 1860,” Archival Gossip Collection, accessed April 22, 2024, https://archivalgossip.com/collection/items/show/575.

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