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Sanitary Commission Performance, Sept 12, 1863

The Library Company of Philadelphia collects the following original wording from a document that advertises Cushman's performance. The document was found in a scrapbook:"Academy of Music. Benefit of the United States Sanitary Commission on Saturday…

Cushman's first professional appearance as Countess Almaviva in The Marriage of Figaro, April 1835

On April 8, 1835, Cushman made her debut on the stage at the Tremont Theatre in Boston in the role of Countess Almaviva in The Marriage of Figaro. While Cushmam's performance seemingly betrayed her nerves, contemporary reviews praised her…

"Letters from the Capital," by Grace Greenwood, National Era, 1852

1852. National Era. Greenwood about CC.pdf
Grace Greenwood offers a glowing review of Cushman's performances in Washington, D.C. (as Romeo and Rosalind respectively) that stresses the sexual undertones of her audience's attraction to the actress (e.g. "She compells your half-bewildered…

Howitt's The Miss Cushmans (1846)

1846. People's Journal. NYPL Stead Article. Howitt about Cushmans.pdf
In this biographical article, Mary Howitt recounts events from Charlotte Cushman's life and emphasizes her personal virtues, her talent on stage and the struggles she faced in her career. She describes Cushman's long and painful struggle to success,…

Final New York Performance on Nov 7, 1874

1874. The_Boston_Globe_Farewell. Omeka.pdf
Charlotte Cushman performs for Booth's Theater in New York for the last time. She acts as Lady Macbeth on stage together with George Vandenhoff among others. Credit only attached as illustration)

Diary Entry by Anne H. Brewster about the Breakup of Charlotte Cushman and Matilda Hays

ABP Box 4 5, diary 1876. On CC and Hays_excerpt.pdf
The complete diary entry for June 5, 1876 is 24 pages long and details the time Harriet Hosmer and Anne H. Brewster spent together. The last eight pages (transcribed here) recount, how Hosmer witnessed the passionate breakup of Charlotte Cushman and…

Romeo and Juliet Performance, Haymarket Theatre, London, Dec 30, 1845

Charlotte Cushman performs as Romeo and her sister takes over the role of Juliet.Cushman's performance as Romeo is generally met with wild enthusiasm. There were, however, also critical voices, among them Mary Russell Mitford (1787-1855). Mitford was…