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Copied Correspondence by Harold Moulton sent to Jennie Lorenz, Sept 25, 1950

JLP 5 Copied Correspondence - OV Omeka.pdf
Harold Moulton sends photostatic copies of two autographed letters to Lorenz. Lorenz requested material relating to Charlotte Cushman.The first letter is from Charlotte Cushman to Mrs Sarah J. Hale, Editor of “Lady’s Book” (Philadelphia). Cushman…

Transcripts of Letters from Emma Stebbins to Sidney Lanier, July 27 + Sept 4, 1876

JLP 2 Stebbins to Lanier, July 27, 1876.pdf
Emma Stebbins asked the publisher Mr. Osgood for time to work on the biography since she is suffering from health issues. She mentions Emma Cushman's "voluminous correspondence" with Charlotte Cushman and how personal letters require "careful…

Letter from E. B. Fisher to Charlotte Cushman, Oct 7, 1836

CCP 11, 3310, CC to Fisher, Oct 7, 1836.pdf
Fisher asks Charlotte Cushman to refrain from contacting him again. He expresses a firmly rooted disappointment in and aversion to society ("a scandal loving world"). Fisher touches upon an issue of Cushman being involved ("intimacy") with the…

Miss Charlotte Cushman's Health - Letter to the Editor from Dr. Sims in The New York Times, Oct 3, 1869

Dr. James Marion Sims replies to an article of The New York Times of Oct 2, 1869, and feels entitled to comment on Charlotte Cushman's post-operation state of health and diagnosis without having treated her on this issue. (He had dismissed her health…

Letter from Charles Cushman to Emma Stebbins, Friday, Sept 3, [1869?]

LoC, CCP 10, 3104-3105, Letter from Edwin Cushman to Emma Stebbins, Friday, Sept 3.pdf
Charles tells Stebbins about Charlotte's current health situation. Charlotte is being treated by James Simpson at the moment. Charles mentions an article of Mrs Stowe on Lady Byron in Mc'millan that is being talked about. Credit Library of…

Rumor about Hosmer's Zenobia, Art Journal, 1863

The Art Journal (1863) - Zenobia Rumor - Roman Clique - Omeka.pdf
The Art Journal republishes a comment from the Queen newspaper (in an obituary for British sculptor Alfred Gatley) which claims Hosmer's Zenobia statue was "really executed by an Italian workman."Hosmer responded to this attack on her reputation with…

"Interesting to Ladies," Home Journal, March 4, 1854

1854. Home Journal. Interesting to the Ladies - Cushman - Greenwood.pdf
Eliza Cook and Grace Greenwood are mentioned as Charlotte Cushman's intimate friends and Charlotte is characterized as feminine and honorable."Interesting to the Ladies" in the Home Journal, March 4, 1854, reprinted a note (presumably) first…

"Charlotte Cushman at Rome," Milwaukee Daily Sentinel, March 9, 1876

1876. Milwaukee Daily Sentinel. Cushman - Rome - Virgins.pdf
The article is a reprint from the Boston Sunday Courier. The author J.S.H. recounts the time he spent in Rome in 1852-1853. Harriet Hosmer, Grace Greenwood, and Charlotte Cushman were part of a group of five that were known as "the five wise…

"Rome Gossip," Daily Ohio Statesman, March 15, 1867

1867. Daily Ohio Statesman. Rome Gossip - Cushman - Hosmer - masculine.pdf
The article praises both Harriet Hosmer and Charlotte Cushman while paying more attention to the latter. Cushman is described as "muscular," generous, hospitable, and talented. Both are favorably compared to men in terms of their physique.The article…

"Rome – Charlotte Cushman and Harriet Hosmer in the Eternal City," Republican Banner, March 10, 1867

1867. Republican Banner. CC and Hosmer in Rome (same Boston source)..pdf
It is the same text as in the Daily Ohio Statesman (March 15). The Boston Post is given as the source here as well.

"Miss Hosmer and Charlotte Cushman," Banner of Light, Aug 15, 1868

1868. Banner of Light. Cushman and Hosmer..pdf
It is the same text as in the Daily Ohio Statesman (March 15).The article closes with "Letter from Europe." The original source for this reporting (in the context of a much longer report on the US American art market in Rome) is the Boston Post (Feb…

"Harriet Hosmer and Charlotte Cushman at Rome," Chicago Tribune, March 8, 1868

1868. Chicago Tribune. Hosmer and Cushman in Rome..pdf
It is the same text as in the Daily Ohio Statesman (March 15). The Boston Post is given as the source here as well.

"Harriet Hosmer – Charlotte Cushman," Coleman's Rural World, Aug 15, 1868

1868. Colman's Rural World. Cushman and Hosmer - Chicagoan reference Omeka.pdf
An admirer describes Hosmer's studio and her works as well as Charlotte Cushman's home as a location of frequent gatherings.
The article is followed by a poem from Eliza Cook about how to "make your home beautiful."

"Charlotte Cushman's First Appearance in England," Harper's Bazaar, March 18, 1876

1876. Harpers Bazar. Cushman in England..pdf
James H. Siddons gives a very intimate account of Charlotte Cushman's rise to success in England and describes her struggles and strategies, including a press network and behind-the-scenes accounts. Maddox is characterized as a capitalist,…

"Memories of Three Great Women," New-York Tribune, Jul 21, 1890

1890. New York Tribune. Lenox Life of Homser, Cushmann, Stebbins..pdf
The article shares some memories of the private and artistic lives of Charlotte Cushman, Emma Stebbins, and Harriet Hosmer. Emma Stebbins is mentioned as Charlotte's "friend" and "sharer in [...] artistic aims and pleasures" who "shared an…

"Grace Greenwood in Italy," New Hampshire Statesman, Apr 16, 1853

1853. Home Journal. Greenwood on Roma - Gossip about her Love Life..pdf
The article includes an excerpt from a "private letter" and remarks that, in London, Greenwood "was the frequent guest of eminent literary and noble personages, her sketches of whom have added much to the value of her letters." Rumors about her love…

"The Education of Our Girls," Vermont Chronicle, Aug 8, 1868

Article on Hosmer. 1868. Grace Greenwood. Education for Girls.pdf
Grace Greenwood takes Harriet Hosmer as a prime example of an unconventional education that has made her a strong a celebrated woman. Greenwood bases her account on her own experience and acquaintance with Hosmer in Rome in the 1850s. She counters…

"Actresses Unhappy Wives," Port Jervis Evening Gazette, Oct 15, 1870

AHB on CC Unhappy Wives.pdf
The article is based on the anonymous author's knowledge of Charlotte Cushman and deems Cushman to be "satisfied" with her husbandless condition of "virginity." Credit NewspaperArchive

Letter from Charlotte Cushman to Mary Cushman, Apr 17, 1845

CCP 1, 26-27, CC to mother 1845, April 17 (disapproval) - OV Omeka.pdf
The letter discusses an incident of "beastly conduct of a woman" who Charlotte once defended and called her "intimate friend." Charlotte fears being "implicated by any misrepresentation of hers." Charlotte hopes that her mother's "account was a…