"Rome Gossip," Daily Ohio Statesman, March 15, 1867

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"Rome Gossip," Daily Ohio Statesman, March 15, 1867


Actors and Actresses--US American
Artists--Sculptors--US American
Cushman, Charlotte Saunders, 1816-1876
Hosmer, Harriet Goodhue, 1830-1908
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The article praises both Harriet Hosmer and Charlotte Cushman while paying more attention to the latter. Cushman is described as "muscular," generous, hospitable, and talented. Both are favorably compared to men in terms of their physique.
The article is reprinted under the same headline also in the Cincinnati Commercial (March 7, 1867). It appears with a different headline in Banner of Light (August 15, 1868).
The original source of the reporting is the Boston Post (February 23, 1867), whose correspondent publishes a three-column overview over the art market in Rome – only the short gossip-worthy snippet, however, is afterwards circulated.


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Rome Gossip – Charlotte Cushman and Miss Hosmer

Miss Hosmer is often seen in public here in Rome, at times driving a handsome carriage and span rapidly along the streets, at times on horseback, making her way (in which latter capacity she is good) to the meet of the fox-hounds on the Compagna. The pack this year is good, the sport fair, and the amusement very fashionable. Miss Hosmer is an expert rider, and both she and Miss Cushman are often seen going at a furious pace over walls, fences and ditches close upon the heels of reynard. Each of these ladies has a strong and tireless energy, and a muscular' phyisque which many men may well envy. They are gifted with wonderful endurance, which the latter has often had occasion to display upon the stage, and with which many of your readers are familiar. Both are thoroughly American and patriotic, yet of strong and impressive individuality, that brings them out in striking'contrast with the rest of society in Rome. Miss Cushman still continues to take the lead in all social affairs; and though now in mourning, yet dispenses her old and abundant hospitality to her American friends in a quiet and genial way that is so pleasing to every stranger. She has always shown great kindness to artists, specially to those from her own country who have come here poor and friendless and needed a helping hand. In this connection her generosity and devotion have been unlimited, and for it, if for nothing else, she deserves the praise of every American. Often has she infused her own courageous temperament into the despairing, and given them fresh energy to encounter the hardships that so often surround the beginning of an artist's career. And more than this, many a time has she bestowed from her own purse upon the deserving who were struggling with failing means the aid that was so much needed. Miss Cushman has a noble reputation in her own country for benevolence and public spirit, but nowhere can one appreciate so thoroughly as in Rome the good she has been so unwearying in doing.


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