"Our Sanitary Fair in Rome," The Methodist, Apr 2, 1864

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"Our Sanitary Fair in Rome," The Methodist, Apr 2, 1864


Artists--US American
Cushman, Charlotte Saunders, 1816-1876
Stebbins, Emma, 1815-1882
Artists--Sculptors--US American
Artists--Painters--US American


The preparations of the Sanitary Commission are highlighted. The article praises American artists in Rome, among who Cushman and Stebbins can be found, that contribute to raising money in a patriotic manner. The article names Emma Stebbins and Charlotte Cushman right after each other without pointing out any connection between the two.


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Our Sanitary Fair in Rome
The Artists' Contributions.
THE Americans in Rome just now are, in the main, thoroughly loyal and patriotic. In politics, as in religion, distance effaces the small distinctions of home society; [...] While in Rome I received a letter from Dr. Bellows, announcing the great Metropolitan Fair for the Sanitary Commission, to be held in New-York about Easter, and asking for contributions from Paris and Rome. The notice was very short; but I at once laid the letter before some of the resident Americans. [...] Dr. Butler, minister od the Episcopal Church at Rome, always ready, in the service of the country, for any form of useful activity; General King, our newly appointed minister to Rome, who gave some striking recitals of the usefulness of the Sanitary Commission, from his own observation while commanding a division of the Army of Virginia; and myself. [...]
Nearly every American artist in Rome sends a contribution in some form. Handley gives a beautiful bust of a fawn; Miss Foley a bas-relief of a lovely Roman girl of fourteen, exquisitely formed, and as exquisitely represnted by Miss Foley's chisel; Roper presents one of his declicious landscapes, in which the very life of nature breathes – a lovely scene near Altdorf, in Switzerland; Tilton gives one of his best pictures, which will, I trust, cause a lively compettion among buyers with long purses; Mr. Freeman sends a picture of a little English girl, a fresh and luminous picture indeed, which has been greatly admired, and will, I think, bring a large price; Rogers has nothing ready, but contributes a considerable sum of money to buy a finished work of another artist; Terry gives a finished sketch; Miss Adams a Roman figure, which I have not seen, but which is highly praised; Mr. Reinhardt sends photographic copies of all his works. The Misses Williams each contribute a picture; and Stillman, our admirable consul-artist, gives two pictures, besides giving his personal attention to the preparation, packing, and shipping of all the articles furnished, and devoting a great deal of his time to obtaining subscriptions and donations. The boxes and packing are furnished gratuitously by the banking-house of Freeborn & Co. Miss Cushman has taken a deep interest in the movement, and not only gives her invaluable counsel and support, but has also purchased a very valuable picture, which she contributes to the fair. Miss Stebbins gives a copy of her famous bust of Washington; and the table will be graced also with Ives' excellent bust of Mr. Seward. Many of the artists have given up all other work for the time being, in order to have their gifts ready. [...] The Roman Table will show for itseld at the Metropolitan Fair, and I know that you and your city readers will all be there to see.


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